Rational self analysis

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D(b) – rational debate8

  1. She must basically like me, because she has been with me. She may be upset with something I said and her thought process may cause her to attribute a lot of things to me and/or she could go into a victim mode but those are all due to her and not to me. I will apologize and express understanding and attempt to do all I can, and it will turn out how it will turn out.

  2. No, I am a capable human being. I can get along fine without her, though I’d prefer to be with her.

  3. Again, I am capable of setting things up so that I can be happy. I need only choose that.

  4. And, I can awaken that part of me. I am certainly capable of doing that.

  1. As above.

  1. Only if I so choose. I am capable of sitting and thinking of things to do that are stimulating.

  1. Basically, all of us are lovable from the start. We may place things in the way at times. And also there may be others who are not capable of loving us. And it may be true that we may make choices that are not good. Basically, I do the best I can within the limits of my awareness and I am never static, so all I need to do is choose to increase my awareness – it is never the “I” that is the problem, it is just the awareness.

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