Rational self analysis

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Do A then B then C. Then go back and do the D’s and E.

A – facts and events1

D(a) – Camera check of A2

B – Self-talk (evaluating thoughts)

D(b) – rational debate3

C – Emotional consequences of B

E – Emotional goal for future A’s4

5 Rules for rational thinking5: 1. Based on objective reality, 2. Protects your life, 3. Gets you your goals, 4. Keeps you out of trouble with others, 5. Eliminates significant emotional conflict.

Source: Help Yourself To Happiness Through Rational Self-Counseling, Maxie C. Maultsby, Jr., M. D.

Do A then B then C. Then go back and do the D’s and E.

A – facts and events6
She distanced herself from me.
(This is really an opinion and not an observation.)

D(a) – Camera check of A7
She appeared to stop talking, be less expressive, had a frown on her face…

B – Self-talk (evaluating thoughts)

1. She must not like me.

2. I’ll be in a fix without her.

3. I don’t know if I can be happy without her.

  1. She makes sure we are out there doing things that are stimulating.

  1. And without her I won’t have that


  1. And I’ll be so lonely and probably


  1. And if I fail here again, it will just prove

that I am unlovable and incompetent at this

8. Etc. – write each down, possibly use babbling writing to get it all out.

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