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Radio distribution

Sometimes people escape disaster and have taken their radios with them, but in most cases they will have lost most of their possessions. The assumption is that the humanitarian community will need to provide radios for the affected communities. We keep a stockpile of 1000 wind-up radios, but this is only enough to get started. In Haiti the US Army distributed 50,000 wind-up radios. There is a need for global and regional stockpiling of radios, ready for distribution. This is a task that should be shared between governments and NGO/humanitarian organizations. First Response has drafted radio distribution policies and guidelines.

Video Links: - published on 15 August 2013.

A complete introduction to the world of First Response Radio and 72 hour disaster response, in 72 seconds. - uploaded on 18 August 2011.

"Radio in the Ring of Fire" - a short documentary video about FIRST Response Indonesia's Rapid Response Radio Unit. This team deployed their "Radio in a Suitcase" station into the Sumatran Earthquake in Padang in October 2009. - CDAC Network preparedness workshop.

Mike Adams, FIRST Response Radio.

Using FM radio and frontline SMS together, to allow listeners a way to feedback to the programs.


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