Quiz Name Part 1: Comprehension – Directions: Circle the letter of the correct answer

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I Survived The Sinking of the Titanic, 1912 Quiz

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Part 1: Comprehension – Directions: Circle the letter of the correct answer.

_______1. Why had the Titanic started sinking?

    1. It ran out of gas

    2. It was too heavy

    3. It hit an iceberg

    4. It hit another ship

_________2. What did Phoebe leave on the ground that helps George know where she went?

  1. Bread crumbs

  2. Lemon drops

  3. Bird seed

  4. Rocks

_________ 3. Where does George sneak off to once Aunt Daisy heads to bed?

  1. The first class baggage room

  2. Capitan’s cabin

  3. Swimming pool

  4. Ballroom

_________ 4. Why does the steward next to the game on the G deck assume Aunt Daisy is a first class passenger?

  1. She wears a tag around her neck that says so

  2. She is wearing high heel shoes

  3. She wears a huge diamond ring

  4. She has a first class ticket in her hand

__________5. Where does the Carpathia dock?

  1. England

  2. New York City

  3. Florida

  4. Virginia

__________ 6. Who was the first person that George sees as he walks off the gangplank?

  1. Enzo

  2. Papa

  3. Mama

  4. Mr. Andrews

__________ 7. How do Aunt Daisy and her family and friends plan to get to the upper deck when they see the water coming into the ship?

  1. They will use the escape ladders

  2. They will use the stairs

  3. They will float in the water

  4. They will use the elevator

__________ 8. What is something that Aunt Daisy threatens to send to George’s Papa after he gets in trouble for sliding down the banister?

  1. Letter

  2. Package

  3. Telegram

  4. Postcard

Part 2: Match the character with the character’s description.

  1. George

  2. Phoebe

  3. Henry

  4. Aunt Daisy

  5. Enzo

  6. Marco

  7. Mr. Andrews

  8. Scar-faced man

  1. I am a steward on the Titanic. I take care of Aunt Daisy, her niece, and nephew. _____________________

  2. I am Enzo’s father. ___________________________

  3. I am always getting in trouble. I had faced a panther back home. __________________

  4. I am a 4 year old boy. _____________________

  5. I took my niece and nephew aboard the Titanic. _______________________________

  6. I am the designer of the Titanic. ________________________

  7. I wear spectacles, and I am always asking lots of questions. _______________________

  8. I stole George’s bowie knife. _____________________

Part 3: Figurative Language

Word Bank (choices may be used more than once or not at all):

Hyperbole, simile, metaphor, personification, idiom, onomatopoeia

  1. “She was wearing a hundred pounds of diamonds!” __________________________

  2. The water was so cold it felt like millions of needles were stabbing him. _________________

  3. George could have stayed there all night. He asked a million questions and Mr. Andrews answered every single one. ______________________

  4. And just when he was sure his lungs would pop, the ocean seemed to spit him back up. _____________________________

  5. Her coat smelled like rose water. ______________________

  6. Aunt Daisy called the ship a floating palace. ___________________

Part 4: Write a short summary of the novel. Be sure to include the main events in the story in the order they occur.







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