Quiz 8, Pronoun Reference, Agreement, Point of View/eng091 Bohlender Name

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Quiz 8, Pronoun Reference, Agreement, Point of View/ENG091 Bohlender

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Directions: Rewrite/edit each of the following sentences to make clear the vague pronoun reference. Add, change, or omit words as necessary. Answers may vary.
1. Bob ordered a sirloin steak and baked potato, but after a few bites he discovered that he did not like it.
2. Abigail told her girlfriend that she was trustworthy.
3. After the dance performance, they asked the guests to remain in their seats for a few minutes.
4. The plumber told the homeowners that if the spigot in the basin continues to drip water, they should replace it.
5. The librarian read the children a book about Anne Frank, which saddened them.
Circle the correct pronoun
6. Marta and Joan adopted a puppy during Adopt-a-Pet Month, but (she, they) did not know how to care for an animal.
7. Everyone at the building permit office wanted (their, his or her) application to be processed within a few working days.
8. One of the girls at the college preparatory school will receive a scholarship for (her, their) academic performance.
9. Neither of the dads wanted to tell (his, their) child, “Do as I say but not as I do.”
10. Diego owns three Star Trek action figures autographed by the original actors, and each of them has (its, their) own display case.
11. The substance abuse counselor advised his client to find a sponsor because (you, one) can always use encouragement.
12. One reason that I avoid watching the evening news is that (you, I) see so much violence.
13. Some people hate to leave messages on voice mail because (you, they) dislike talking into a machine.
14. Luann eats a lot of calcium-rich foods and takes dietary supplements because (you, she) wants to avoid developing osteoporosis later in her life.
15. Volunteers painted over the graffiti left by taggers on the public buildings so that (you, everyone) can enjoy the beauty of the city.

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