Quick Reference Guide: Student Support Services, Athletics and Policy

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Quick Reference Guide: Student Support Services, Athletics and Policy

Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug Education and Prevention-See DARE as well as HPE teachers at your school. All teachers are to do 1 drug education lesson each year in their classrooms. Please consult HPE teachers for resources if needed. This is a checkout sheet item at the end of the year.

Alternative Placement (Homebound) Meeting scheduling - 910.296.6600 Lynn Heath
High Schools
Robert Ross, East Duplin High School 910.298.4535

Joey Price, Wallace-Rose Hill High School 910.285.7501

Ricky Edwards, North Duplin High School 919.658.3051

Ronnie Batts, James Kenan High School 910.293.4218

Middle Schools

Tim Blizzard, Beulaville Elementary 910298.3171

Kirk Thigpen, BF Grady 252.568.3487

Stan Gelhlbarr, Charity Middle School 910.289.3323

Shannon Blizzard, Chinquapin Elementary 910.285.3476

Roy Harrell, EE Smith 910.296.0309

Anthony Jones, North Duplin Jr High 919.658.3051

Mike Kewiett, Warsaw Middle School 910.293.7997

Athletic Handbooks-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
At Risk Student Identification 910.296-6677, Dr. Leon Kea or School Counselor

Bullying Prevention and Support
910.296-6677, Dr. Leon Kea
Guidance Counselors 910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
Child Nutrition Services-910.296.8786, Sue Sloan

-National School Lunch and Breakfast Program

-Free and Reduced Meal Benefits Program

-McKinney-Vento/Homelessness Student Benefits: Coordinates with B.G. Kennedy

-Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

-Concerns with school cafeterias, staff, food service, preparation, sanitation, equipment

Capitol Outlay Funds (Athletics)-910.296.6650, Dawn Smith
Child Family Services Team (CFST)-910.296.0309, Krista Mobley, Bridgett Jones
Crisis Planning Team 910-296-6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
Communities in Schools- Dr. Leon Kea 910-296-6677
Counselor Watch-see Principals or Assistant Principals

CPI Training-
910.296.6634, Betty Watters (EC)

Custody Questions-
910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
DARE-252.568.3487-Drug Abuse Resistance Education, SRO Randy Forster, BF Grady
DAISY Committee-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
Driver’s Education-Dr. Ben Thigpen, 910.296.6652

Duplin County Schools provides Driver’s Education Training at a cost of $45.00 per student. Questions can be answered by calling School Driver’s Education Coordinators at each high school.

(ED-Russ Lanier, JK-Johnnie Boyette, WRH-Steve Robinson, ND-Tim Blizzard)
Drug Testing (Student-Athletes)-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen

Drug Testing (Employees)-910.296.6649, Bonnie Miller

Dropout Prevention-910.296-6677, Dr. Leon Kea

A major strategic goal of Duplin County Schools is to lower the dropout rate. School Social Workers, guidance counselors, teachers and administrators work collaboratively to identify those at-risk of dropping out of school before completing graduation requirements and provide counseling, behavior modification, support to families, parents and students to insure students graduate.

Eligibility-see school Athletic Directors for clarification
Emergency Action Plans (Athletics)-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
Emergency Response/Crisis Team-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen

Enrollment Issues - 910-296-6650, Dawn Smith or Mrs. Janice Goldsby 252.568.3487
Epi-Pen Training-910.298.3171 Sue Ellen Cottle, Lead Nurse (BES)

Foreign Exchange Students- 910-296-6650, Dawn Smith or Mrs. Janice Goldsby 252.568.3487
Gang Prevention and Awareness-See School Resource Officers or 910.296.6677, Dr. Leon Kea

Gfeller-Waller Compliance-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
Homelessness/McKinney-Vento-910.298.3171, Mrs. Beth Lanier

Juvenile Crime Prevention Council-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
Long Term Suspensions-contact school principals
National Federation of High Schools Coach Certification-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
Nurses Program-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
Parent Complaints-910.296-6677, Dr. Leon Kea
Personal Education Plans (PEP’s)-910.296-6677, Dr. Leon Kea or school counselors

Playground Inspections-see Health and PE Teachers

Policy Research and Review-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
Pyramid of Intervention-see school principals/counselors/Dr. Ben Thigpen

Renaissance Placement/Questions-910.293-2068, Kenneth Houston
Safe School Issues/Crisis Management-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
Safe School Plans-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
School Violence Report- 910 296 6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
School Safety Committee-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen

School Health Program-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen

Nurses play a vital role in Duplin County Schools. We are fortunate to have a nurse assigned to our 16 schools. School nurses conduct annual screenings, including vision, hearing, dental, blood pressure and also conduct medical screenings for the Exceptional Children’s program, conduct the annual kindergarten health assessment during pre-registration, administer student medication and first aid. Nurses also provide education to students, staff and families and promote healthful living activities through workshops, faculty meetings and seminars.

School Resource Officers Program-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen

Section 504 Coordination-
910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
Social Workers-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
Substance Abuse-see school social workers or guidance counselors
Suicide Prevention-see school counselors and social workers
Student Athlete Summer Institue-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
Student Services Team (SST)-see school principals/counselors/social workers

Student Transfers-910.296.6650, Dawn Smith
Violence Prevention-School Resource Officers or 910.296.6677, Dr. Leon Kea
Title IX complaints-910.296.6652, Dr. Ben Thigpen
*Alphabetical order BOLD Desciption, Regular for contact # and person

Duplin County Schools Tuesday, January 22 2013

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