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1. 15 Around 600 B.C., which activity inspired the Persians to invent pants?

Ans. Riding horseback

2. 20 When some people sat down to lunch, they found there was one person too many for each to sit at a separate table, so they sat two to a table and one table was left free. How many tables were there?

Ans. 3
3. 20 Francois Sagan's first novel, its title translates to Hello, Sadness. Give me the title in French.

Ans. Bonjour, Tristesse
4. 15 Four two-ohm resistors, lettered A through D, are arranged in a circuit so that A and B are in parallel and C and D are in parallel, and the two pairs are in series. What is the effective resistance of that system?

Ans. 2 ohms

5. 20 The San Juan Islands are part of what state?

Ans. Washington

6. 15 In Western Music, the diatonic scale is based upon Middle-C which has how many vibrations?

Ans. 256

7. 20 The battle of Culloden Moor was the last land battle fought in Britain. Name either the decade in which the battle occurred or the princely leader of the Jacobite rebels at the battle, or the Scottish dynasty he represented.

Ans. 1740s, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Stuart

8. 20 In the 1950s it was discovered that replacing a hydrogen atom in ethylene with a chlorine atom and then polymerizing the molecule under heat and pressure would form this plastic, suitable for drains and pipes. Can you name it?

Ans. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

9. 15 Anabolic steroids are forms of what naturally-occurring hormone?

Ans. Testosterone

10. 15 Robert Duvall is an authoritarian Marine at war with his family in this film, based on a Pat Conroy novel. Name it.

Ans. The Great Santini

11. 20 What city's museums boast the bulk of Georgia O'Keefe's paintings?

Ans. Santa Fe

12. 15 As a noun, this word means “a horse not yet weaned.” Used as a verb, it means “to give birth.” Give me this four-letter word.

Ans. Foal

13. 20 It is a list of objects that can only gain or lose elements from one end. Those operations are frequently called “push” and “pop.” Name this data structure, often used in computer science.

Ans. Stack

14. 20 Right effort, right action, and right speech are three parts of this noble Buddhist way. What is it called?

Ans. The Eightfold Path

15. 20 Alpha is an acute angle, and the ratio of cosine squared alpha to sine squared alpha is one to three. What is the value of the angle alpha?

Ans. 60 degrees (pi/3 radians)

16. 15 Warning: your answer must include two fractions. There are two means by which the Constitution can be amended. Only one of these has ever been used. Describe it.

Ans. Two-thirds vote of Congress, three-quarter ratification by the states

17. 15 This symphony of Franz Josef Haydn is named for the fact that nobody was killed when a chandelier came crashing down during a different piece of his; the audience was saved because it had swarmed forward to better hear the music. Name the composition.

Ans. The Miracle Symphony

18. 20 Three of Giuseppe Verdi's most famous operas are named for Shakespearean characters. Give the English names for those characters: a Scottish usurper, a jealous Moor, and a drinking companion of Prince Hal.

Ans. Macbeth, Othello, Falstaff

19. 15 Lord Jeffrey Amherst in 1759 captured Fort Carollon on Lake Champlain and renamed it what, after the Iroquois for “between two waters”?

Ans. Ticonderoga

20. 20 The sides of a rectangle are in the ratio of 3 to 1. The rectangle's area is 30 square feet. What is the length of the diagonal?

Ans. 10 feet

Questions Unlimited

61. (5) It's the loudest stadium in the NFL. Name this stadium in Kansas City.

Ans. Arrowhead Stadium
62. (20) The 16-day government shutdown itself has already led to the biggest plunge in consumer confidence since the collapse of what global financial services firm?

Ans. Lehman Brothers

63. (5) Apple is expected to introduce a new line-up of what popular handheld device that will compete with the latest tablets from Amazon and Samsung, amid pressure to preserve market share?

Ans. iPad

64. (5) It recently said that its attack on a Yemeni army base specifically targeted an operations room used by the U.S. to direct drone strikes against militants, and it threatened more such assaults. I'm talking about the Yemen-based branch of what terrorist network?

Ans. Al Qaeda

65. (5) A study recently published in the Nature Journal Scientific Reports explains how exposure to pollution from diesel exhaust fumes can disrupt its ability to recognize the smells of flowers and could affect future pollination and global food security. What insect am I talking about?

Ans. Bee
66. (10) Russia recently denied bail to this organization's American ship captain and two other foreign activists who are among 30 others arrested on charges of piracy over a protest at an Arctic drilling platform. I'm talking about what non-governmental environmental organization?

Ans. Greenpeace
67. (5) Scientists in what country recently recovered a giant chunk of the Chelyabinsk meteor, the largest recorded meteor strike in more than a century, from the bottom of the lake it crashed into?

Ans. Russia

68. (5) This electronics giant is set to break ground at a large Silicon Valley research center that is part of company’s efforts to attract new talent to keep up the pace of innovation in a hotly competitive market. Which South Korean company am I talking about?

Ans. Samsung

69. (10) Although Budget Committee leaders in Congress believe they have established some common ground, there is no significant deal, which would require a much more difficult trade-off where they fundamentally differ — higher tax revenues that Republicans oppose, in exchange for reductions in Medicare, Medicaid and what other entitlement program that Democrats vow they will not entertain without curbs on tax breaks for wealthy individuals and corporations?

Ans. Social Security

70. (5) The title of what show on the We network combines a woman about to be married with a Japanese movie monster?

Ans. Bridezilla

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