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Bonus Round
1. 10 This word is derived from the Chinese for “bang head,” but it doesn't refer to people who listen to loud rock music. It was a series of prescribed prostrations before the emperor of China. Give the rhyming name for this required ritual.

Ans. Kowtow

2. 5 Torus, plinth, echinus, abacus, pedestal, base, shaft, fluting, capital. All of these terms refer to parts of what upright, structural member?

Ans. Column

3. 10 “God,” as an expletive, is always replaced by “Heaven.” Juliet's “Gallop apace” speech is cut in half. Lear's speech of madness is cut from 22 lines to 7. Doll Tearsheet is completely removed from Henry IV. Name the English editor who printed Measure for Measure with a warning, and found Othello “unfortunately little suited to family reading.” His name has become a synonym for “expurgate.”

Ans. Thomas Bowdler

4. 10 Nearly 75% of the world's approximately 540 volcanoes lie on the “ring of fire” around the Pacific Ocean. Of the volcanoes in the Ring of Fire, nearly 20% lie within what single populous Asian nation?

Ans. Indonesia

5. 10 Which Old Testament matriarch, whose Hebrew name can be translated as “princess”, had a handmaid named Hagar?

Ans. Sarah (accept Sarai)

6. 10 Between 1801 and 1803, Matthew Flinders became the first person to circumnavigate which country?

Ans. Australia

7. 10 The lower half of the fleshy leaves and the heart are the edible parts of what vegetable?

Ans. Artichoke

8. 5 An asteroid or comet about 85 km across crashed into North America about 35 million years ago, creating one of the ten biggest impact craters on Earth. Name the bay, not far from Arlington, Virginia, which marks the site.

Ans. Chesapeake Bay

Bonus One: Are you a “fan” of classical music? Name these forms and compositions which include the word “fan” in the question or the answer.
(5) A brief introductory ceremonial flourish for trumpets.

Ans. Fanfare

(10) A Spanish courtship dance, for guitar and castanets, in triple time.

Ans. Fandango

(15) An instrumental piece in which conventional forms are set aside and the composer's inventiveness is emphasized.

Ans. Fantasia (Accept fantasy.)

(20) Disney's Fantasia is a collection of animation set to famous pieces of classical music. Name either one of the two pieces which are played during the age of the dinosaurs and the epic battle of light and dark.

Ans. The Rite of Spring, Night on Bald (Bare) Mountain, respectively

(5) Name any one of the five different characters Frank Morgan played in the movie.

Ans. Professor Marvel, The Doorman, The Coachman, The Palace Guard, and The Wizard of Oz

(10) What does the Cowardly Lion say when he wakes up in the Poppy Field?

Ans. “Unusual weather we're having, ain't it?”

(15) What did the Tin Man use as a crown for the Cowardly Lion?

Ans. A broken flower pot

(20) What Honorary Degree does the Scarecrow receive from the Wizard?

Ans. A Th.D. ( Doctor of Thinkology )

Bonus Three: Four U.S. Presidents were either born or died on the Fourth of July. We'll give you five points for the first one you can name,, ten points for the second, and so forth until you're incorrect. Fire when ready.

Ans. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe (who died); Calvin Coolidge (was born)

(5) Zaragoza is the capital of this region best known for King Ferdinand and his daughter Katherine of …

Ans. Aragon

(10) A person who uses fraudulent methods to pay less than his full tax liability could be prosecuted for tax . . .

Ans. Evasion

(15) The light sail that extends beyond the foremost boom is called a flying . . .

Ans. Jib
(20) It’s believed Napoleon originated the phrase about an iron hand in . . .

Ans. A velvet glove

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