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Warm-Up Round
1. 5 Guy de Maupassant's short story “Boule de Suif” inspired Ernest Haycox's story for this film, a Western character-study twice remade in 1939. A drunken physician role earned Thomas Mitchell an Oscar, while John Wayne vaulted to stardom for his role in what John Ford movie about passengers on the title vehicle?

Ans. Stagecoach

2. 5 While lava and ice flows can both form them, their most common formation method is through acidic water dissolving limestone deposits. Notable ones include Fingal's in Scotland, Altamira in Spain, Lascaux in France, and Wind in America. Name this underground phenomenon.

Ans. Cave (cavern)

3. 10 It inspired Connecticut poet Joel Barlow to write a mock epic, and is part of a simile for “thickness” in the song “Yankee Doodle.” Identify this colonial New England dish made of cornmeal mush, also known for lending its name to a Harvard University theater group that sounds like a dessert either premature or in a great hurry.

Ans. Hasty Pudding

4. 5 It is from a Turkish word meaning “mountain,” a reference to its hilly terrain, chiefly the Dinaric Alps. Its northern border is formed by the Sava and Danube rivers. Name this large peninsula that has been called the “powder keg of Europe” for the many wars that began there.

Ans. Balkans

5. 5 This nursery rhyme character was probably based on the steward to the abbot of Glastonbury in the reign of Henry VIII who, by a trick, acquired the deed to the manor of Mells after the dissolution of the monasteries. The original “plums” of public office went to what pie-eater sitting in a corner?

Ans. Little Jack Horner

6. 10 It begins, “Where are Elmer, Herman, Bert, Tom, and Charley . . . All, all are sleeping on the hill,” and it was first published serially in William Reedy's Mirror from 1914 to 1915. Name this collection of free-verse monologues, penned by Edgar Lee Masters.

Ans. Spoon River Anthology

7. 5 In 1841, its population was almost 9 million; in 1891 it was less than 5 million. Perhaps as many as 500,000 died in a single year, 1846, but even more immigrated to the U.S. Name this country, whose legislature was abolished by the Act of Union in 1801, but whose home rule movement finally gained it independence in 1921.

Ans. Ireland

8. 5 In Semaphore Code, the left flag is held up 45 degrees and the right flag down 45 degrees. In Braille, the three left-hand dots are raised. In Morse code, it is dot-dash-dot-dot. In Sign Language, close the other three fingers but stick the index finger up and the thumb out. Name this letter of the alphabet, which in International Radio Code is called “Lima.”

Ans. L
9. 10 A value that is near 100 kilometers per second squared implies that the Big Bang happened a brief 10 billion years ago. A lower figure suggests an older universe. Whose constant is this, designated capital H, which is the current expansion rate of the universe?

Ans. Hubble's constant
10. 5 A recipe to make a dozen ounces of salad dressing calls for only two ingredients: vinegar and olive oil, with three times as much oil as vinegar. How many ounces of vinegar are needed to make this dressing?

Ans. 3
11. 5 Their split was supposedly caused by a quarrel over a new carpet in the theater at which their latest work, The Gondoliers, was being performed. Name this English duo who returned to the Savoy Theater for Utopia and The Grand Duke, which did not achieve the success of their earlier operettas The Mikado and The Pirates of Penzance.

Ans. Gilbert and Sullivan

12. 5 Coleridge called it the kind of poem “natural to the reflective mind.” Later, it was applied to poems of mourning, while the reflective poem, as written by Coleridge and Yeats, is sometimes called “reverie.” Name this type of poem, the best known of which is probably Thomas Gray's “Written in a Country Churchyard.”

Ans. Elegy
13. 5 As a verb, it means to leave on a desolate island. As a noun, it refers to descendants of West Indian slaves. As a color, it's a dark-brownish red. What's the word?

Ans. Maroon

14. 5 In the presidential election of 1796 he developed a complicated plot to deprive John Adams of the presidency. Name this New York Federalist whose meddling in a later governor's race led directly to his sensational death in 1804.

Ans. Alexander Hamilton

15. 5 They are the very first arteries to branch off the aorta, which, considering their function, is fortunate. Identify these arteries which sometimes require double, triple, and quadruple bypass operations.

Ans. Coronary arteries

16. 5 Not until 1918 did canon law specify that they must be priests, and not until 1962 did Pope John XXIII specify that they must be bishops. Name this Roman Catholic office, whose members under the age of 80 are responsible for electing the pope.

Ans. Cardinals

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