Questions for Reading Practice 6 (Act V, Scene v of Julius Caesar)

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Questions for Reading Practice 6

(Act V, Scene v of Julius Caesar)
1. The paradox Brutus expresses in lines 36-38 reveals that he believes that:

  1. he has won the battle despite the loss of all his troops

  2. being loyal an honest is more important than military or political success

  3. Antony and Octavius have only won a small battle and will later lose the war

  4. Antony and Octavius will be better leaders than he and Cassius would have been

2. Which of the following does NOT show that helping someone to take his own life was considered honorable:

  1. Volumnius’s answer to Brutus

  2. Brutus’s request to Strato

  3. Lucilius’s reply to Strato

  4. Messala’s final words to Octavius

3. Brutus tries to persuade Strato to help him commit suicide by appealing to his:

  1. personal integrity

  2. affection for Brutus

  3. fear of being captured

  4. duty as a citizen of Rome

4. In Strato’s first words to Messala, which of the following words could replace overcame and best retain the sense of Strato’s words:

  1. killed

  2. dishonored

  3. stabbed

  4. defeated

5. Brutus’s words in lines 50-51 reveal that Brutus:

  1. still believes his decision to kill Caesar was right

  2. discovers death is a better resolution to the battle than capture

  3. is just as afraid of death as Caesar was

  4. had never really resolved his conflicting feelings about assassinating Caesar

6. Which best expresses the main idea of Antony’s speech?

  1. Brutus’s fellow conspirators killed Caesar for personal reasons

  2. Brutus always acted as a man of the highest principles

  3. Brutus’s fellow conspirators were jealous of his reputation

  4. Brutus participated in Caesar’s assassination because he was mixed up

7. Based on information presented in this passage, a reader could predict that:

  1. Strato will become a servant of Octavius

  2. Brutus’s body will be returned to Rome

  3. Messala will be released by Octavius

  4. Antony will accept the crown which Caesar rejected

8. The analogy that Brutus uses in lines 23-25 serves primarily to:

  1. show he feels condemned to hell by his bad decisions

  2. reveal that he feels like a hunted and cornered animal

  3. reinforce his refusal to be forced into slave labor in a mine

  4. hint that he prefers to rush into battle rather than carefully plan his actions

9. Why is Strato willing to help Brutus take his own life? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

10. How do Antony’s words reveal his character? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

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