Questions for Reading Practice 2 (Act I, Scene ii, lines 132-275 of Julius Caesar)

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Questions for Reading Practice 2

(Act I, Scene ii, lines 132-275 of Julius Caesar)
1. What is the main point of Cassius’s speech in lines 135 -162?

  1. The people of Rome have always wished for a leader like Julius Caesar.

  2. Brutus would make a better head of state than Cesar would make.

  3. Caesar should be viewed as the equal of other Roman noblemen.

  4. Julius Caesar is a great man who towers above all others.

2. Which of the following best supports the prediction that Brutus will speak with Cassius further regarding Caesar (from passage lines 132 – 275):

  1. For this present, I would not, so with love entreat you, be any further moved

  2. I do believe that these applauses are for some new honors that are heaped on Caesar

  3. That you do love me, I am nothing jealous. What you would work me to, I have some aim

  4. What you have to say I will…find a time both meet to hear and answer such high things

3. Caesar’s own words indicate that he:

  1. believes no one poses a threat to him

  2. is terrified of Cassius

  3. is unaware of the resentment felt toward him by some Romans

  4. intends to eliminate any opposition to his leadership

4. The best antonym for the word spare (line 201) is:

  1. harmful

  2. harsh

  3. fat

  4. surplus

5. Based on the characters’ words in this passage (lines 132-275), it is apparent that:

  1. Cassius appreciates Caesar’s accomplishments

  2. Caesar is pleased with the response of the people to his refusal to take the crown

  3. Antony believes that Cassius poses a serious threat to Caesar’s plans

  4. Brutus shares Cassius’s concerns over Caesar’s immense popularity

6. Casca’s choice of words in lines 263-275 serves to emphasize:

  1. the tenderhearted nature of the Roman women

  2. Caesar’s capacity for tremendous brutality

  3. Casca’s contempt for the commoners who followed Caesar

  4. The lack of loyalty the commoners show toward their own parents

7. Which of the following LEAST shows that Cassius resents Caesar:

  1. Why, man, he doth bestride…dishonorable graves

  2. What should be in that ‘Caesar’…sounded more than yours?

  3. They shouted thrice…the last cry for?

  4. No, Caesar hath it not…falling sickness

8. How can the reader tell that Casca’s report in lines 234-275 is probably less than objective? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

9. How do the highly negative connotative words used by Casca reveal his dislike of commoners who were cheering Caesar? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

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