Questions for "Founding Brothers" "a more Perfect Union"

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Questions for “Founding Brothers”

“A More Perfect Union”

Episode I

1. Why was Washington anxious while riding to NY to his inauguration writing to Henry Knox that he felt as though he were “embarking upon his execution?”

2. What was the first dilemma Washington faced?

3. What problems did he immediately confront?

4. How did he respond to the task of solving the crises at hand?

5. What was different about this collection of men and this new country?

6. What position did John Adams first occupy and did he like it?

7. What position did Jefferson occupy and what did he want?

8. How did the French Revolution effect Jefferson and how did he feel about America when he returned from France?

9. How did Jefferson drive himself into debt?

10. Describe Alexander Hamilton’s upbringing? What did he do when he came to America?

11. What did Hamilton do when he became Secretary of the Treasury?

12. Who opposed Hamilton’s economic plans and why?

13. What did Thomas Jefferson do to resolve the question of the debt?

14. What was the “ominous debate” that threatened to tear the country apart? Was this debate an issue at the Constitutional Convention? Why had they not settled the issue?

15. What had the Quaker delegation from NY and Philadelphia demand in 1790? How did Madison respond? What did Benjamin Franklin do?

16. Describe Benjamin Franklin. How did he feel about slavery and why? What did he do about it?

17. What happened, concerning the issue, after Franklin died?

Founding Brothers

“A More Perfect Union”

Episode II

1. What key questions led to the creation of the first political parties in the New Republic?

2. What were the first two parties called and who led them?

3. What did Alexander Hamilton envision for the country? What did Thomas Jefferson envision for the new country?

4. Why was the creation of a national bank such a divisive issue?

5. What did Hamilton and Jefferson use to attack each other?

6. What did the political factions conclude when Washington’s first administration was ending?

7. How did the two factions feel about the war between France and England?

8. What did Washington decide and why?

9. How did the public feel about his decision?

10. What did Jefferson do as a result of the political dispute?

11. What happened in western Pennsylvania as a result of federal taxes?

12. What had Hamilton accomplished by the time he retired?

13. What was “Jay’s Treaty?” How did the Jeffersonians and the general public react?

14. What three things did Washington ask for in his “Farewell Address?”

15. Why was Washington’s stepping down from the presidency so unusual and important?

Founding Brothers

“Evolution of a Revolution”

Episode I

1) What was the general reaction to George Washington’s announcement that he would not seek a third term?

2) What did historian Joyce Appleby say about the first parties and the motives of Jefferson and Addams in the election of 1796?

3) What did Adams and the Federalists believe was needed?

4) What did Jefferson and the Republicans believe was needed?

5) Did Adams and Jefferson act as is they were actively seeking the presidency? Why?

6) Why did Jefferson end up Adams’ vice president when they were opposed to each other’s political views?

7) What did Adams offer Jefferson? How did Jefferson respond?

8) What problems did Washington leave to his successor John Adams?

9) Describe the nation’s first “sex scandal.”

10) Why was France outraged by the Jay Treaty with Britain? Crisis for Adams—war Br/Fr.

11) Who were Monsieurs X, Y, and Z and what did they want?

12) What was the “Quasi-war” and how did it impact the two parties?

13) Who did Adams turn to for advice in this difficult predicament?

14) What were the “Alien and Sedition Acts?” How did the public respond?

15) How did Washington feel about the Republicans?

16) What did Jefferson fear the Federalists were doing and what strategy did he use against John Adams?

17) While Adams was in poor health and disillusioned he launched a last attack on his enemies. What did he do? *Aaron Burr—not interested in principles, interested in politics.

18) What was the Republican strategy in the election of 1800 concerning Aaron Burr, and how did it backfire?

“Evolution of a Revolution”

Episode II

1) How did many in the North feel about the election of Jefferson and how did he respond?

2) Why did Jefferson dislike elaborate public rituals and what did he want?

3) What did Jefferson do when he took office?

4) What was the Hemmings “scandal?” How did John Adams respond?

5) Why did Jefferson want to purchase New Orleans and western lands from Napoleon?

6) Why did Hamilton accept a duel with Aaron Burr?

7) What was the “Embargo Act” and what was its effect?

8) What had Jefferson achieved for the country?

9) What did Dr. Benjamin Rush do in 1812?

10) What happened on July 4th, 1826?

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