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The film takes place primarily on the day of the battle at Lexington between the colonial militia and the British. Review the questions before you begin watching the film. Write down the answers as they are answered during the film.

  1. What did Solomon Chandler tell the British he sold when they stopped him at the start of the film?

  1. What did Solomon actually have in his wagon?

  1. What is the relationship like between Adam and his father?

  1. What were the British looking for in Concord?

5. What were the men, who signed up for the militia, told to bring with them?

  1. About how many British were there at the Battle of Lexington?

About how many colonial militia men were at the Battle of Lexington?

  1. Why does Moses (Adam’s father) tell his son not to count the pellets for his gun?

  1. What did the colonial militia on Lexington Green do while they waited for the British army?

  1. From where did the first shot come?

  1. Why was the British commander mad at his officer after the shooting stopped?

  1. When the British came back through Lexington, how did the militia plan to attack them? (This was very different than how the British were used to fighting.)

  1. What internal conflict (problem within himself) was Adam having with the war?

13. At the end of the movie, would you consider Adam to be a man or not? Explain your reasoning.

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