Questions ch. 14/sec. 3 and se

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Questions ch.14/sec.3 and sec.4
1.England Absorbs Waves of Invaders. Early invasions. The Norman conquest - William the Conqueror.
2. English government took the first steps toward democracy. Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine achievements. What were the two goals the English kings wanted to achieve during the centuries? –
3. What do you know about king Johns problems? What is the significance of the Magna Carta?
4. What was the Model Parliament and why did it come to be considered a model?
5. France expands territory -Philip II -Louis IX - Philip IV includes the third Estates General, which helps increase the royal power. What three estates made up the Estates-General?
6. Church divided - Avignon and the great schism.
7. Scholarly challenge to church authority : John Wycliffe, Jan Hus
8. The Bubonic Plague Strikes -1300 AD -origins and symptoms- effects of the plagues.
9. The Hundred years' War - Joan of Arc and the impact of the war.
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