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Questions by Chicago Rabbis PI and DePauw B


1. This element was first isolated as an impure metal in 1824, and was isolated in a pure form by 1914. One of the most important minerals containing it comes from Brazil and is called baddeleyite. 90% of the production of this metal goes toward nuclear power generation because of its use in cladding fuel elements. It is a major component of poison ivy medications, and probably derived its name from a Persian word meaning "gold-like." FTP, name this element, perhaps best known as a major component of "fake diamonds."
Answer: Zirconium
2. Actually born in Indiana in 1838, he grew up in Illinois and served as Lincoln's personal secretary during the Civil War. Following that appointment, he wrote editorials for The New York Times during the 1870s and was named ambassador to Great Britain in 1897, setting the stage for his tenure as Secretary of State from 1898-1905. FTP, name this politician and diplomat best known for describing the Spanish-American War as a "splendid little war" and for enunciating the "Open Door" policy.
Answer: John Hay
3. This band, formed in a London pub in 1968, released its debut self-titled album in 1969 to critical acclaim, but neither this nor its follow-up record, "Time And A Word", brought them much success. With the release of their third album, they skyrocketed to progressive-rock stardom in the early and mid-70s with the aid of virtuoso keyboardist Rick Wakeman. FTP, name this group fronted by lead singer Jon Anderson and best remembered for "Owner of a Lonely Heart".
Answer: Yes
4. The spectra of these objects were so odd, they prompted some astronomers to attempt to redefine redshift. Others suspected they were "white holes," spewing forth energy from elsewhere in the universe. While 99 percent of them are "radio quiet," it was a rather noisy one - 3C 273 - that led to their first optical observations. FTP, name these extra-galactic objects with amazingly high redshift that astronomers now suspect are black holes devouring galaxies.
Answer: quasars or quasi-stellar object
5. Around 911 AD, Charles the Simple, King of West Francia, made an agreement with a Norse chieftain named Rolf. In the agreement, Rolf would become Christian and marry Charles’ daughter, and in return, Charles would give him some land at the mouth of the Seine River. For ten points, what is the name of this land of the Northmen in Northern France that produced some of Europe’s most feared fighters?
Answer: Normandy
6. He distinguished four major types of social action, namely zweckrational, or technocratic thinking, wertrational, or value-oriented reality, affective action, and traditional action that he used to create a new typology for the modern era. FTP identify this German social scientist, who wrote the Unfication of Cultural and Social Science, Economy and Society, Capitalism and Modern Social Theory, and The Protestant Ethic and Spirit Capitalism.
Answer: Max Weber
7. A pleurastrophycean (PLOOR-ahs-tro-FIE-see-in) such as Trebouxia, Pseudotrebouxia, or Myrmecia is often the phycobiont, although it can also be a cyanobacterium like Nostoc or Scytonema. The mycobiont is either an ascomycete or a basidiomycete. The apothecarium is the characteristically visible red layer in such species as the British soldier, and is the reproductive structure for the mycobiont. This type of organism makes up a major part of the tundra flora, hence the name "Reindeer Moss". FTP, name this symbiont organism, the union of a fungus and an alga.
Answer: Lichen
8. A thirty-year-old, well-to-do Bostonian is hypnotized into a trance and wakes up to find that 130 years have passed since he fell asleep. He finds himself in the year 2000, describes the structure of the utopian socialist society he now lives in, and falls in love with a woman who bears the same name as his long-dead fiancee. Julian West finally "wakes up" again to realize that the perfect society he had envisioned was just a dream. FTP, name the 1888 Edward Bellamy novel.
Answer: Looking Backward: 2000-1887
9. His mighty caprine steeds were Tanngnostr and Tanngrisni, although one of the two became lame as a result of Thjalfi's hunger for marrow. He dwelled in the hall Bilskirnir in his land of Thrudheim. Born of the mighty giantess Jord, he took as his mistress the giantess Jornsaxa and thus fathered Thrud, Magni, and Modi. He took 9 steps before being overwhelmed by the venomous vapors of his newly-slain archnemesis Jormungand, which he had faced previously in the presence of Hymir and Utgard-Loki. FTP, name this Mjollnir-bearing Norse god of thunder.
Answer: Thor
10. Discovered in the late 1960's and early 70's by molecular biologists Werner Arber, Hamilton Smith and Daniel Natans, these compounds are the indispensible tools of genetic engineering. Types I and III also perform methylase activities in addition to their primary purpose. These enzymes are isolated from bacterial cells and are used in the laboratory to manipulate fragments of DNA. For 10 points, name these enzymes that clip DNA at specific sites.
Answer: Restriction Enzymes
11. He won the Oscar for Best Picture for "Man Getting Hit By Football." He played the Beast in the 1976 version of "Beauty and the Beast", Cus D'Amato in 1995's "Tyson", and Kinderman in "The Exorcist III". Born in Wise, Virginia in 1927, he died in September 1999 of an aneurism. Famous for his dislike of awards shows, he preferred staying home watching hockey to accepting an Academy Award. FTP, name this star of The Hustler and Patton.
Answer: George C. Scott
12. Founded by Emperor Taizu and his brother, Taizong, in 960 AD, this dynasty fell after 319 years when Kublai Kahn conquered it. Known for its economic, intellectual, and artistic advances, this dynasty undertook the most aggressive civil service reform since the Han dynasty. FTP identify this dynasty, preceding the Yuan Dynasty, and following the Tang and Five dynasties.
Answer: Sung or Song
13. Morten Kiil offers a greater inheritance this man, which he refuses, even though his house has recently been vandalized. His brother, the mayor of the Norwegian village, of his residence, tries to silence him, on the grounds that his report has the possibility of ruining the prosperous bath business that supports the town economically. FTP, identify this Doctor, who declares the city's drainage system to be contaminated in Henrik Ibsen's "Enemy of the People".
Answer: Dr Thomas Stockmann (accept An Enemy of the People before it is mentioned)
14. While representations with this name are not nearly as numerous as that of the Virgin and Child, it was still a very common theme in Western religious art. Bellini's is a close-up of just Mary, John, and Jesus, while van der Weyden's show Saints Dominic and Francis there, too. Tecnically any painting or sculpture depicting the Virgin Mary lamenting the dead Jesus, the name has become widely synonymous with the sculptured one in St. Peter's Basilica. FTP, name this art form made most famous by Michaelangelo.
Answer: pieta
15. Two of these occurred. The first, in 1419, signaled the beginning of the Hussite wars. The second and more notable was a result of shutting down the construction of Protestant churches in the cities of Broumov and Hrob, by Roman Catholic officials. FTP, name this cause of the start of the 30 Years War, which concerns people being thrown out of windows in a Bohemian capital.
Answer: Defenstration of Prague
16. This school of philosophy holds that an important group of foundational concepts are known intuitively through reason, as opposed to experience, and that we can deduce truths with absolute certainty from our innate ideas. These beliefs put them in contrast to the Empiricists, who championed a more inductive approach. FTP, Name this group of philosophers whose ideas evolved from those of Descartes and whose adherents included Malebranche, Leibniz, and Spinoza.
Answer: Continental Rationalism
17. "Let's make one thing perfectly clear. The police are not there to create disorder, the police are there to preserve disorder." "I resent the insinuendoes." "We must aspire to higher and higher platitudes." No, these aren't quotes from Dan Quayle or George W. Bush - in fact, they're from a Democrat. FTP, name this political kingmaker who served as mayor of Chicago for 21 years, from 1955 to his death in 1976.
Answer: Richard J. Daley. (accept Richard Daley Sr.)
18. She graduated from the University of Petrograd in 1924, but soon immigrated to America and began work in screenwriting. Abandoning this career, she wrote her first novel, "We The Living", in 1936 and continued hammering home her philosophy in her novels until her death in 1982. FTP, name this objectivist author of such works as "The New Intellectual", "The Virtue Of Selfishness" and "Anthem."
Answer: Ayn Rand
19. Cy Young, Charlie Robertson, Lee Richmond, Jim Bunning, Catfish Hunter, and Dennis Martinez all did it. Harvey Haddix kept it up for twelve innings, only to lose it in the thirteenth. Game 5 of the 1956 World Series saw Don Larsen hurl the only one ever in post-season play. FTP, name this pitching achievement, getting 27 outs without allowing a single baserunner.
Answer: Perfect Game
20. He graduated from Yale in 1968 before flying an F-102 for his state’s National Guard. He later went on to earn a Master’s degree in business management from Harvard, before marrying a school librarian named Laura. In the 1989 he assembled a group of partners and purchased the Texas Rangers baseball franchise, going as far as to build them a new ballpark in Arlington. For ten points, name this man who gave up being the general manager for the team in order to become the governor of Texas.
Answer: George W. Bush (Prompt on Bush and George Bush)
21. In April, thousands of rats stagger into the open and die. When a mild hysteria grips the population, the newspapers begin clamoring for action. The authorities finally arrange for the daily collection and cremation of the rats. Soon thereafter, M. Michel, the concierge for the building where Dr. Rieux works, dies after falling ill with a strange fever. FTP identify this novel, taking place in Oran, Algeria by Albert Camus.
Answer: The Plague
22. Recently, a Swiss team working under the Red Cross performed an unusual surgical procedure on several people whose hands were amputated by terrorist machetes in Sierra Leone. In the procedure, the remains of the forearm are separated, turning the once-connected radius and ulna into two separate "digits", in essence making arms into a pair of fleshy pincers and thus restoring some natural grasping ability. FTP, identify this procedure, named after the German surgeon who invented it in World War I.
Answer: The Krukenberg Procedure
23. This style can dance, sing, and glorify God with fervor and passion, as can be seen in “La Montee au Calvaire,” or “The Way to Calvary,” by Venetian painter Jean-Baptiste Tiepolo. It can be seen in the design of the palace of Prince-Bishop Karl-Phillippe von Greiffenclau of Wurzburg. For ten points, name this 18th century European style of painting which started in Venice, a counterpoint to Baroque, associated with Jean-Honore Fragonard.
Answer: Rococo


1. The 1980s was a time when rock and roll popularity could in many cases be equated with hair size. Identify the following titans of 80s Big Hair Rock for ten points each.
A. This band's performance in a Hollywood backlot was unexpectedly interrupted by Santa Claus, Godzilla, and members of a beach party in "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure."
Answer: Twisted Sister
B. In describing this band, Moltar of "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" once said "Shhh. Don't say anything. Just soak in the way a REAL band is supposed to look." Starting on the Philly club circuit, they attained stardom with the songs "Nobody's Fool" and "Somebody Save Me" from their album "Night Songs"
Answer: Cinderella
C. You can ask Tawny Kitaen how awesome the frosting on this band's frontman's colossal cranial coif was. The band recently toured Europe for their Restless Heart Album, although their status as 80s Rockers officially died after the 1989 album "Slip of the Tongue".
Answer: Whitesnake

2. FTSNP, identify these signers of the Declaration of Independence.

A. (5) A delegate from Massachusetts, he signed first, and largest.
Answer: John Hancock

B. (10) A delegate from Virginia, he was the grandfather of a Confederate general during the Civil War.

Answer: Richard Henry Lee

C. (15) Identify either one of the delegates from Rhode Island

Answer: Stephen Hopkins or William Ellery

3. He's Dick Cheney, the real Dick Cheney, all the other Dick Cheneys are just imitators. FTSNOP, answer the following questions about the Republican vice-presidential hopeful.

A. For five points each, what cabinet position did Cheney serve, and under what president did he hold this position?
Answer: Secretary of Defense, George H.W. Bush
B. Between 1978 and 1989, Cheney served in the House of Representatives. FTP, which state did he represent?
Answer: Wyoming
C. For a final ten points, what fruit is Cheney, whose health is much debated, highly allergic to, an affliction not shared by Persephone?
Answer: pomegranate

4. Given an enzyme, state its organ of origin FTSNOP.

A. For 5 points: Pepsin
Answer: Stomach
B. For 10 points: Alpha-amylase
Answer: Salivary Glands
C. For 15 points: Elastase
Answer: Pancreas

5. Identify these Catholic feasts for the stated number of points.

A. (5) This holiday was first celebrated in the Fourth Century, but its present date of November 1st dates from some 400 years later.
Answer: All Saints' Day
B. (10) Celebrated on December 28th, it is the memorial to the children slaughtered by King Herod in the New Testament; consequently, it has become a favorite rallying day for foes of abortion.
Answer: Holy Innocents
C. (15) Celebrated on July 2nd, it remembers the Virgin Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth before Christ's birth.
Answer: Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

6. Given the World's Fair host city and the theme, name the year. Five points for each correct answer, 30 points for all five.

A. Century 21 Exposition, Seattle.
Answer: 1962
B. Interantional Energy Exposition, Knoxville.
Answer: 1982
C. Century of Progress, Chicago.
Answer: 1933
D. World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago.
Answer: 1893
E. Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis.
Answer: 1904

7. Given a description of a map projection, or a man who contributed to the field of math projection, Name it or him FTPE.

A. This projection was created so that sailors could map their paths without having to correct their courses, even though there is some distortion of shape.
Answer: Mercator Projection
B. This projection maintains the correct proportions among the sizes of Earth's landmasses. The price of getting the sizes right, however, is distortion in the shapes of the continents.
Answer: Equal-Area Conic
C. This French mathematician devised an indicatrix for measuring distortion, based solely on circles. When he linked the circles to coordinates, the circles themselves changed size and even shape.
Answer: Nicolas Auguste Tissot

8. Identify the Gustave Flaubert work from clues FTPE.

A. About a priestess with a personal python this story takes place during a mercenary revolt at Carthage after first Punic War and recreates the revolt of Carthaginian mercenaries with Roman power in the background.
Answer: Salammbo
B. A discontented housewife has torrid love affairs with two men, Leon and Rudolph, featuring the racy sex scene in a carriage, in this seminal work.
Answer: Madame Bovary
C. This story centers around a weak ruler who represents crave cruelty of a man governed by his appetites and Salome, a girl who is aware of the effects she has on men.
Answer: Herodias

9. Identify the painter of the following works FTPE.

A. In the Well of the Great Wave of Kanagawa, and Eight famous views from Edo
Answer: Katsushika Hokusai
B. Black and Violet, Compostions I-X, Ravine Improvisation, and Autumn in Bavaria

Answer: Wassily Kandinsky

C. Highwayman Attacking a Coach, The Parasol, Stories of the Virgin and Christ: The Visitation, and The 3rd of May, 1808
Answer: Francisco Goya

10. Answer the following questions about planets beyond our solar system for ten points each.

A. Planets outside of our solar system were first discovered in 1991 orbiting what fast-spinning neutron star type?
Answer: Pulsar
B. The first planet orbiting a traditional star was found by Swiss researchers in 1995. What star’s orbit held this planet?
Answer: 51 Pegasi
C. The planet type that includes the one orbiting 51 Pegasi is given what name, coined by Adam Burrows, which refers to ultra-hot gas giants that are usually closer to their stars than Mercury is to the sun?
Answer: Roasters

11. Given the description of the way a saint is traditionally depicted in art, name the saint for the given number of points.

A. 5 points. If he's an old guy carrying a pair of really big skeleton keys, then he must be
Answer: St. Peter
B. 5 points. If he's an equally old guy with Peter, but carrying a big sword, then he's -
Answer: St. Paul
C. 10 points. If he's stripped naked to the waist and he's been shot full of arrows, then he's -
Answer: St. Sebastian
D. 10 points. If she's carrying her severed breasts on a tray, then she's -
Answer: St. Agatha

12. FTPE, given the ruler, you name the civilization.

A. Cyrus the Great
Answer: Persia
B. Nabopolassar
Answer: Chaldea
C. Croesus
Answer: Lydia

13. FTPE, given the main character, name the Aristophanes work.

A. Socrates
Answer: Clouds
Answer: Birds
Answer: Peace

14. Answer the following about myelinated neurons for ten points each.

A. Myelin sheets are made by these cells in the central nervous system.

Answer: Oligodendroglial cells

B. In the peripheral nervous system, these cells make the myelin sheets.

Answer: Schwann cells

C. These are the approximately equally spaced regions that have no myelination.

Answer: Nodes of Ranvier

15. Given a short biography, identify the president FTPE.

A. He earned the nickname “The Gentleman Boss” for his personality and for running a truly honest administration, the one that brought us the Civil Service Act of 1883.
Answer: Chester A. Arthur
B. The first US president born after the Civil War, he is noted for his unpopular measures, such as vetoing the American-Legion’s proposed Bonus Bill for Veterans and raising tariffs to an all time high at that time.
Answer: Warren Harding
C. A Senator, US minister to England and Russia, and Secretary of State under Polk, in office he became known for being the president during the Kansas Crisis, and for his “Three Fundamental Convictions”.
Answer: James Buchanan

16. Identify the solitary sprites from Celtic mythology.

A. This was originally a minor forest sprite with the countenance of an old man, but later was assigned the now-standard features of a bright red beard, green hat and suit, and pot of gold.
Answer: Leprechaun
B. This sprite is often confused with the leprechaun, but is dressed entirely in red, carries silver around, and likes to stay in houses instead of woods.
Answer: Cluricaune
C. This “shrewd and knavish sprite” is a hobgoblin who scares village maidens and misleads night-wanderers. He is referred to by Shakespeare as Puck.
Answer: Robin Goodfellow

17. FTSNOP, given the chemical formula, name the acid.

A. 5 pts.- H2S
Answer: Hydrosulfuric acid
B. 10 pts.- HCN
Answer: Hydrocyanic acid
C. 15 pts.-HClO
Answer: Hypochlorous acid

18. Rome was traditionally described by its seven hills. Since we can't ask a seven-part bonus, we'll give you the name of the shortest - the Viminal - and ask you to name the other six for five points apiece.

Answer: Aventine, Palatine, Capitoline, Esquiline, Quirinal, Caelian
(Do not accept _Vatican_, _Lateran_, or _Janiculum_. These are on the opposite side of the Tiber River.)

19. 30-20-10, identify the poem from the lines given.

A. (30) Under the water it rambled on

Still louder and more dread

It reached the ship, it split the bay,

The ship went down like lead.

B. (20) About, about, in reel and rout,

The death-fires danced at night,

The water, like a witch's oils,

Burnt green, and blue, and white.

C. (10) At length did cross an Albatross,

Through the fog it came;

As if it had been a Christian soul,

We hailed it in God's name.

Answer: “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

20. Answer these questions about Pakistan FTP each.

A. Identify the province whose name means "five rivers", after the
tributaries of the Indus River.

Answer: Punjab

B. Name the second largest city in Pakistan, which has been the
capital of Punjab for over 1000 years.

Answer: Lahore

C. Name the city on the coast of the Arabian Sea northwest of
the Indus River Delta that is Pakistan's largest city and most
important seaport.

Answer: Karachi

21. Given noted members, identify these schools of philosophical thought FTPE.

A. Martin Heidegger, John Paul Satre, Simone de Beauvoir, and Soren Kirkegaard

Answer: Existentialism

B. Rudolph Carnap, Kurt Godel, Otto Neurath, and Friedrich Waissmann

Answer: Logical Positivism (accept Vienna Circle or Logical Empiricism)

C. Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling, and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.
Answer: Absolute Idealism

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