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Questions And Answers – No 2

Branham Tabernacle


SC-993-1 Let us remain standing just a moment for prayer. Dear God, we thank Thee tonight for, first, for Jesus Christ our Saviour. We thank Thee because that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We thank Thee for people who believe that. We're so glad that we have a God, not just an imaginary god, an imaginary idol, an imaginary spirit; there's nothing imaginary about it: a true and living God Who lives with us and in us and works through us. Not making a statue to God, but we being living images of God... The Holy Spirit, not speaking through a statue, but speaking through a redeemed vessel: God manifested in flesh. How we thank Thee for this, the great Pillar of Fire following us, or we following It, rather, and for all the great manifestations of the same Spirit doing the same work that It's always done when It come to the earth. What a consolation it gives us.

We have assembled tonight, Lord, for no other purpose but to know how and to learn how, by Thy help, to be better Christians and better fit subjects for this hour that we're approaching. Won't you help us, Lord; we need You. In Jesus' Name. Amen. (You may be seated.)

SC-993-3 With about another thirty or forty questions. I--I don't know how I'd ever get to them. I tried hard this afternoon to see if I could even get them down to normal, but I couldn't do it. But I want to say that I'm going to do the very best that I can to--to answer these questions, because they're fine questions, coming from the hearts of Christians. And I--I certainly want to do everything that I know how to answer them just as sensibly as I know how to answer them. And I--I want to thank the Lord for how He's helped this morning in helping us to--to get ahold of these questions and to--and to--the answers that He did give us.

Now, I just got them all in here mixed up, I guess a 150 more. And we got to about twenty, I guess, this morning. And--and so now, before we start, I would just like to say that if anybody wanted to see this article on "A Church Rocks as the Drums Roll," the Presbyterian minister here leading his congregation in rock-and-roll, a program for the--for the sacrament... Let me just see just a minute.

SC-994-5 Youthful members swing out to jazz--jazz. Passion play tells of the crucifixion in modern i-d-i-o-m, rock-and-roll.

The pastor here leading all the teen-agers up there and going through the passions of Christ, the crucifixion played out in rock-and-roll and jazz. Well... It's in Maryland. Now, isn't that something?

And then, here is the picture of those... I was telling you this morning of those Beatles, "Return of Beatles," and there's the articles; you just should read it out of the magazine and all of the different things. "... as it were, had founded a new religion." Now, their manager... I've got a note out of the paper here. You haven't got time... If anybody wants to read these or I can put them on the bulletin board, then you can read them. And I just want to show you the hour that we're living in is shocking. You might not understand it; but, people, try to understand it, that--what these things are. I've asked Brother Capps; he's got a good education and can read better than I, I've asked him to read this article from the manager of the Beatles. Can you do it, Brother Capps, at this time?

SC-994-7 [Brother Capps reads the article on the Beatles.

States that:

The Beatles wonder about themselves and draw no answers. "It's incredible, absolutely incredible!" says Derek Taylor, the Beatles' press officer, "Here are these four boys from Liverpool. They're rude; they're profane; they're vulgar; and they've taken over the world. It's as if they'd founded a new religion. They're completely antichrist. I mean; I'm antichrist as well; but they're so antichrist they shock me, which isn't an easy thing. But I'm obsessed with them. Isn't everybody? I'm obsessed with their honesty, and the people who like them most are the people who should be outraged most. In Australia, for example, each time we'd arrive at an airport, it was as if deGaulle had landed, or better yet, the Messiah. The routes were lined solid. Cripples threw away their sticks. Sick people rushed up to the car, as if a touch from one of the boys would make them well again. Old women stood watching with their grandchildren as we'd pass by. I could see the look on their faces. It was as if some saviour had arrived and all these people were happy and relieved, as if things somehow were going to be better now." Taylor paused and stuck a cigarette in his mouth, "The only thing left for the Beatles," he said, "is to go on a healing tour."--Ed.]

SC-995-8 Isn't that what He said? "Many shall come to Me in that day and say, 'Lord have not I...'" See? Now, can't you see that you can't put your trust in healing campaigns? You can't put your trust in any kind of a sign like that. The only thing you can put your trust in is THUS SAITH THE LORD from the Bible. Now, Church, that is exactly where I have tried to keep you, my children. And if something happens to me and God takes me out of this earth, don't you never fail. Remember this with all your heart: stay with that Word. Don't you leave that Word. Anything contrary to It, leave it alone, no matter what it is. Then you know It's right. See?

A healing campaign now... Sinful men that even shocked their own managers with their vulgar, and dirt, and filth; and people throw away their crutches and get healed by looking at these boys. It's so filthy, and dirty, and antichrist. You see, it's Satan on a mock campaign. See? He does anything that the Christ can do, but he can't confirm the Word. See? He'll take part of It here and part of It here, but he can't take It altogether. See? He can't get It together. So you see, no wonder the Bible said that would almost fool the very Elected if it was possible: the antichrist spirit.

Now, even their own press manager here, press agent, he's for them, believes in them, and said he's possessed of the same thing, because they've won him over.

SC-995-11 Them evil things, them... Now, don't you see, women, why I am trying to tell you about this short-wearing, hair cutting, bobbing, and things. It's a spirit. It is a spirit. Here it is right in our leading magazines and everything of what's shown out, rock-and-roll and stuff in the church. Why, it's a setup exactly for Satan, and they're still churches and denominations.

Back to the Word, children, as fast as you know; don't you dare to leave It. You stay right with that Word.

See, how that antichrist spirit, it can speak in tongues, can show signs and wonders; it can heal the sick; it can do all these things. See? Them people thinking they're approaching God, that them boys are God sent, because the church has let down on the Word.

Those boys belong to church. Elvis Presley is a Pentecostal. Pat Boone is a Church of Christ. Look at them guys, Pentecostals, Church of Christ, and all of those like that with them evil spirits on them. Red Foley, a golden voice, Church of Christ, sing the religious songs like nobody can sing them and rock-and-roll in the next voice. By their fruits you know them. Look what churches they belong to. Elvis Presley are members of the Assemblies of God. There you are, each one of them wanted that, and Satan give it to them.

Don't you see, friends, how... Don't let loose of that Word. See, it's a spirit that gets on you. , ,

SC-996-15 And I tell these women, when they make themselves look sexy in these dresses, that God's going to make you answer for committing adultery. If you believe me to be what you say, God's servant, a prophet, listen to what I'm telling you. See? You might not be able to understand it, and if you can't, then you just do what I tell you to do. God will hold me responsible for what I say. See? You listen real close, and remember that those things are spirit.

Ordinarily, maybe the person don't... You remember, God covered with skin, I preached on not long ago (See, see?)--God with skin on it? Now, just remember, some of us are sent to this world to break into these realms to tell us these things. See? It's the foreknowledge; it's God speaking, showing. When you judge anything by the flesh, why, they're innocent (Looky here.), fine people, honest, wouldn't tell you a lie nor nothing. And the whole thing is the devil: religious, even starting a healing campaign. See? Of just exactly antichrist. See? And there's Presbyterian and all that. You see them denominations, how they do, right in the same thing?

SC-996-17 Why, here in London, England, just recently they had a rock-and-roll team to impersonate Christ, and Judas, and all that, and they called Christ "Daddy-o" and talk to all those words them crazy kids talk. See? The teenage kids took over the world. Now, you know that the Bible predicts that? Unthankful, unholy, without natural affections, truce breakers, false accusers, disobedient to parents (See?), teenage taking over the world, and it's done it.

I went into a place the other day; they was playing this--one of these old, dirty jukeboxes, all that stuff. I didn't even want to take my family. I said to that lady, "How much does them records cost?"

"Ten cents apiece."

"How many will it play in a hour." She told me. I said, "Here's the money; unplug it."

"Well," she said, "I couldn't do that. Them kids come in here to play that."

Then I couldn't spend no money there; I went somewhere else. See? Well, that stuff would make you nervous; you'd have to go down and get a bunch of tranquilizers to take after hearing the crazy stuff. That just irks a Christian. If you like that kind of stuff, you know what's wrong with you? You need to get saved, 'cause what's in you is feeding on something besides the Word. It's feeding on...

You couldn't imagine Jesus doing a thing like that could you? Could you imagine one of the prophets doing such a thing? Don't you see, friends, the whole thing all over is the devil. And the Bible said how he would come in form of religion and just do just exactly like the Christ. See? But the only way you'll ever be able to tell it, is not join this church, or join that church, is stay with the Word; He is the Word.

SC-997-21 Now, the Lord bless you each. We're going right straight to the questions then now, for about--till about a hour and fifteen minutes... I'll not be able to get through all these questions. There are just piles of them. I think they're good questions. They're very fine. I'll just reach down and pick out one here and there as I go along. And now... answer it...

I would--I thought tonight I'd just come down, let somebody read them, say, "yes" or "no," "yes" or "no," on... That isn't doing the people just. They asked those questions to have them answered. And I--I wouldn't do that, because I'll get what I can; and what I can't, I'll get the next time around.

And now, I--I... About next Sunday, I don't know. I tell you; if you'll get ahold of Billy sometime between now and Wednesday... We may have to leave.

SC-997-23 Now, here's one thing. I'm way behind in the interviews. Billy showed me a pile of interviews that high, that's been waiting, some of them, for months. Well, while I'm in, I've got to catch some of those, catch some of the meeting, do everything I can to kind of balance it up. I'm going to pray this week while I'm gone and ask the Lord, "What will He have me do, finish up these or--or take the interviews?" If I take the interviews, then I'll just run--come home on Sunday and run the interviews right through somewhere, and go right on through the day with interviews. And if I don't, why, I'll have to put the interviews off till I'm back again. If I don't, then I'll answer... I'll... Billy will send you a card.

And I tell you; it's nice, these dear kids, to tell you how they like one another, the love they have for one another. One will tell the other one and the other one will tell... Billy just calls one in a section, about a hundred and fifty miles, and the rest of them gets ahold of the rest of them. They love one another. They don't want to miss anything. They're--want to be here at every minute to see what goes on; for if the Lord should give something, they want to be here to receive it. And I appreciate them.

SC-998-25 Now remember, dear friends, this morning I made a statement on some of the questions. And I notice some of these (Yeah!) yet--got in this morning, is more about people moving out to Arizona. See? I thought I would--better make that clear, so that you'd understand.

Now, don't--don't think that I'm trying to tell people that where they can live, and what they can do, and... Now, I'm not saying that, my dear brother. There's honest people that wants to move out there... Well, anybody that wants to move, I'd sure be--be glad, as long as I'm there which--as much as I'm there... I'm here about ten times what I am there. I've got... Between now and Christmas, I got about four days to be there. Then immediately after that, I leave for overseas. I'll be here at the Tabernacle maybe two or three weeks before I go overseas in a--a revival, as I usually do this spring. And then from there, I've only got one meeting in all Arizona, and that comes off in January at Phoenix, two nights with the Christian Business Men. See? I don't... If the people out there... Could you flip that tape? [Brother Branham asks that the tape recorder be turned off and speaks to the congregation--Ed.]

SC-999-27 Now, as we're starting in on these questions tonight, I'll pick up one here and... Are you enjoying them? Say, "Amen." [Congregation replies, "Amen!"--Ed.] I think it's profitable for us at this time. And oh, I believe shortly at... Looking this morning before coming down here at some--some texts and some places in the Bible, I thought, "Oh, what a wonderful thing it would be... While we're waiting for the coming of the Lord, what a wonderful thing it would be to take back through all those Old Testament characters, through Job and through there, and run series of meetings on them (Wouldn't that be wonderful?), just to show you how they type right into the day (the whole Word ties together), and all about the destructions of the--and the ancient times and how they type up with today; how everything in the Old Testament speaks of the coming of the Lord Jesus."

SC-999-Q-279 Now, first question I pulled out of here:

279. Brother Branham, is it wrong for a Christian to put--to put her hair in pin curls? Also, what length should her sleeves be? Thank you. A sister.

Now, that's--means a whole lot to that woman. Now, to some of us brothers we might think, "Oh, the silly woman." But--but it's not silly to her; she wants to know.

Now, about putting hair in what was it, pig tails or something another? I'm sorry. I--I didn't... It... I'm sorry. Pin curls. Excuse me. Pin sets--pigtails... That's what the girls used to wear years ago. You remember, kind... Wasn't that right? They called them pigtails, just kind of curls hanging down? No, pin curls, excuse me, friends.

"What length sleeves should she wear?"

Now, I don't think that it is anything about that. I don't know. See? What I can't back up with the Bible, I--I don't want to say much about it.

SC-999-30 Now, I'm just telling you this for me, 'cause I have no Scripture to back this up. The only thing I have for the ladies about their hair is not to cut it. How they want to wear it, that's up to them. And about the pin curls, actually, I don't know what they are, unless it's these things look like clothespins that they stick in their hair. As I--the only thing that I know...

And the lengths of sleeves, I think, being a Christian, God would tell you what to do about those things. You see? I believe as a Christian person you'd--you'd know about how to do that. I don't think God cuts any certain lengths or whatever it is. As long as you're decent and look honorable and clean, I--I think that's all right. Don't you? See? Now, that's just my opinion. Now, this is me (See?), 'cause I can't back nothing else up with the Scripture.

SC-1000-32 I believe this morning the question come up about painting the hair, you know, with a--with a color. Now, I--I--it--I... I can't say nothing about that. I don't know, but I--I--I have no Scripture to say not to--to color your hair. Now, that's--that's...

You women, you like to look nice, and you should look nice. And Brother Branham's not against you children. You're my children; I--I--I love you, and I--I don't want to be bawling you out. I--I wouldn't do it for nothing; I'm only trying to help you.

But now, look, let me just ask... Let me say this in answer to that question. Now, are you ready? And to you on the tape, here it is, sisters: If there is a question in it, don't do it. But if you're--if you're filled with God's Spirit and led to go do it, as long as it don't interfere with the Scripture and don't interfere with a question, you're perfectly satisfied that that's the will of the Lord, then go ahead and do it (See?), 'cause there's no Scripture to say no (See?) about it. I don't... Don't say nothing like that in the Bible.

SC-1000-34 I know Isaiah 5, I believe it is, talked about women, how they will wear changeable apparel and everything like that; but that was pride and stuff, put-on. If you do that for pride, then it's wrong. See? Examine your heart before God. If there's no Scripture for it, and the way the Spirit leads you, you go ahead and do it. But now, when it comes to whether you should have long hair or short hair, you have long hair; that's the Bible.

There's a question here; I--I might answer it right now. It's in here; I seen it this morning or sometime. Said, "You're always harping about women, how they mustn't wear their hair, but you never say nothing about the men."

SC-1000-36 If I seen a man come in here with long hair hanging down his back like a woman, I'd say, "Mister, why don't you go to the barber shop? You look like a woman." See? But men usually don't do that. See? Not as man... Now, not as the infallibility of man, they're just as guilty as the woman.

And by the way, a man that'll let his wife do that, he's guilty double of it, 'cause he's supposed to be the one that has the say so in the house. And that man can't even rule his own house; how could he do it in the house of God? See?

I'm so thankful for our group of women that we have coming here. I say this with respects and love, and now, God knows this the truth. I--I used to have a preacher friend down south that had one of the cleanest looking churches I ever seen. Where come to women, the most beautiful women I ever seen set there saintly, godly, with long hair. And I always admired going to that church. And the Lord Jesus has give me a church today here that outshines that one a hundred miles: my women.

I'm not scolding you to be mean; I'm only so happy for you. I just don't want Satan to get a foot in anywhere. See? I want you to move upward, not backward. Don't never let no man deceive you by some enchantments, or something another like that, or something saying, "Oh well, it don't..." See? That's the way Satan interpreted the Word to Eve. See? You believe just what the Word says. All right.

SC-1001-Q-280 280. Very urgent: Brother Branham, knowing that time is ending and eternity setting in, what would be your advice for a couple planning marriage?

Go right ahead and get married. See? Go right on just like if you was going to live for another hundred years here on earth. Just go right on; keep your heart set on Christ, not your hearts on these things of the world, but on Christ. See? Go right on; get married, children. God bless you in your wedding.

SC-1001-Q-281 281. Dear Brother Branham, I have been baptized in Jesus' Name. The Word says you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Does this--does this mean the baptism, the Holy Spirit, or does it mean I should receive the gift--definite--I should receive a definite experience with the baptism? I am anxious to be--to be filled with the--the Spirit. Please excuse the long note as I have been wanting to ask you this question for a long time. Thank you. And the person has their names signed. They're out-of-town people.

Now, there's a good question. Now, the baptism with the Holy Spirit is a definite experience that a person must receive. Now let me kinda clear that up just for a minute. See? Now, many people have the--the idea... I believe it's twisted. And maybe right here to the church and to the church that's listening, there might be a question. Now, when I speak of not believing the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost is speaking with tongues (I--I do not accept that) I believe with God's help I can prove it in the Bible that that's wrong (See?), 'cause the speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Ghost. How many knows that? Divine healing is a gift of the Holy Ghost, and here Beatles are doing it. See?

Satan can impersonate any of those gifts. Witches, wizards can speak in tongues and interpret it. The jungle lands, many times a wizard will speak in tongues, drink blood out of a human skull, and interpret unknown tongues.

SC-1002-42 Out in Arizona when they have the old festival dance of the corn dance, the Indians wrap these bull snakes around them when they're trying to pray to God to send them rain for their corn. They call it the corn dance. They take the tassel of the corn, place it around them, and make a little clout, and they dance. And the witch doctor comes out with horns on his head, buffalo horns. And they dance with these bull snakes around them, and the wizards and many of the pipe smokers and things around the place... They won't let a white man around at that time, but I've watched them through binoculars, and have Indian friends who's went to their dances; that's the ones that not Christians, of course. And they dance this corn dance holding these snakes. And the wizard comes out, and cuts hisself with knives, and everything else, and finally they get into the spirit, and speak in tongues and interpret it.

I have--could take you right within three or four hours from now, where a medium will lay a pencil on the table, and go into a trance and all kinds of things, and wave their hands; and that pencil will raise up and write in unknown tongues, and the wizard will stand and tell you what it says.

SC-1002-44 Now, that's no evidence of the Holy Ghost. See? You can't rely upon that. You can't rely upon the fruit of the Spirit, because the first fruit of the Spirit is love. And the Christian Science exercise more love than anybody I know of, and they even deny Jesus Christ being Divine. See? There's only one evidence of the Holy Spirit that I know of, and that is a genuine faith in the promised Word of the hour.

Now, those Jews come; they had more religion than the disciples had. They were better trained men in the Scriptures than the disciples was, because they were fishermen, tax collectors, and so forth. And they had real faith and genuine faith in what they were doing. Now, listen closely now; don't miss this. See? When it come to being fruits of the Spirit, kind and gentle, I guess there wasn't a one of those priest but what could outshine Jesus Christ in it. He went to the temple, plaited ropes, looked upon them with anger, and turned over their tables, and run them out of the place. Is that right? The Bible said He looked upon them with anger. The Bible said that. That's exactly right.

SC-1003-46 So see, those priest were gentle, meek, understanding men. When it come to the fruits of the Spirit, they could show more fruits of the Spirit than Jesus ever could. When it comes to theology, they didn't know--have a school that He come out of. "Whence cometh this man? Where did he come from? What fellowship card does he have? What organization does he belong to? We don't know where he come from. He was just absolutely an outcast Guy that was borned a illegitimate birth. Why, we could down him here in a few minutes and show you by the laws..." They had a right to do what they did when it come to that. Why? Because they failed to see that He was that promised Word of the hour. The only way they recognized it, when Jesus performed the Word by being able to tell them what they had in their hearts, what they'd been doing... He was a Prophet according to the Word of God. What He said come to pass, every word, word by word.

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