Question "Although the thirteen American colonies were founded at different times by people with different motives and with different forms of colonial charters and political organization

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The 13th colonies were founded because people didn't want to be in Europe anymore. Because of this many people came to the colonies seeking other things. They were looking for money and so they could practice any religion they wanted. The good thing about the colonies was that people were able to be free! This provided the foundations for the nation we know today.

The first settlers were the Pilgrims. They came to Plymouth Rock because they had been chased out of England. The English hated them because they were Protestants and the English were Catholics. The Pilgrims quickly began to make money by growing tobacco using slaves. So, they were much happier in America, because they could money, unlike in England. Of course, the slaves weren't very happy because they were treated very poorly and often killed for no reason. This is why we see all of the colonies suffering from slave rebellions which almost succeeded in overthrowing their governments. There were also the people who came to Pennsylvania starting in the 1780s. The colony of Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn. The King owed Penn a lot of money, so rather than paying him he gave him a big chunk of land. Penn was very friendly with the natives, so that helped his colony a lot.

In 1676 Bacon's Rebellion tore through Virginia. Virginia and Maryland were troubled early on because lots of people died of diseases and fighting with the natives. Eventually, though, it did get better and people started to live longer. Then, they started to become rich by becoming merchants, building ships, and engaging in lots of commerce. This was exactly what happened in places like New York, so they were pretty similar. Another way they were similar was because they hated the British and wanted to be free. This ultimately led to the Revolution and the creation of the Constitution. Under the Constitution the colonists became united under one government which had the power to stand up to the British and win their war. As one people, under one government, the colonists were now free.


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