Quay Kennedy Media Planning and Buying

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Analytics PAper
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Quay Kennedy
Media Planning and Buying
Professor Moe
March 31, 2022
Analytics Paper
Through Facebook Ads Manager, I have learned that Facebook is the leader in amount of people reached with 18,965 people. Instagram comes behind it with a total of 1493 people reached. Instagram lead in profile visits with 136. A profile visit event happens when someone searches your profile in the search bar and visits it, sees a post (in their feed or explore) and visits your profile. Facebook trailed behind with 65-page visits. Facebook leads when it come to the increase in visits with an 85.7% increase and Instagram with a 17.2% increase in visits. Page reach has increased: we have invested in our paid promotion and have engaged in our audience pretty well. Our ads have managed to get 25 link clicks and 3 people have liked our ads. Post engagement have increased, but we can do a better job to make more attractive ads for our target market. I’ve learned from our results that if there is engagement in the ad it produces a much higher reach for our customers, as one of the only ads we have with multiple people we received 7,712 customers reached with the “Donors” post. So, from this ad I have learned that if there is some type of engagement inside of the ad it attracts more customers. Likes and reactions really give people the overall number of how many people are actually interested in our ad and who just supports the post. The post that have the most production for us have been our posts about Pets in the communication building. The post is subtle, but it has a nice-looking dog that can attract anyone’s eye. Our audience varies from location and gender. I have learned that for Facebook we have 297 page likes and for Instagram 305 followers. Facebook has 66.3% women and 36.3% of the women are in the age range of 25-34-year olds. On the other hand, there are 33.7% men and 14.7% of them are also aged from 25-34 and 30.6% of them are from Cleveland and 9.8% are from Chattanooga, Tennessee. So, our target audience for future references for Facebook should be to make ads for people ranged from 25-34 years old in Cleveland, Tennessee. Instagram has 69% Women out of 305 and 43.5% are in the age range of 18-24-year olds unlike Facebook. When it comes to the men, 31% are men and the ages are closely ranged from 18-24 years olds being 13.3% out of 31% and 25-34 being 10.2%. Location for Instagram would be best for Cleveland, Tennessee as 42.3% of the following is from there.
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