Quantization of Energy Lab Report

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quantization energy lab report

Quantization of Energy Lab Report
Instructions: For this investigative phenomenon, you will need to determine the composition of the new star using a spectrometer. This will help scientists determine the star's approximate age. You will complete Part I and Part II trials of the experiment. Record your observations and test measurements in the lab report below. You will submit your completed report.



Make a prediction that describes the relationship between the composition of an unknown substance and its emission spectrum. For example, “If each element can be identified by its ______________, then the ____________ of an unknown star can be determined."
Access the virtual lab and complete Part I and Part II trials of the experiment. Because this lab is virtual, summarize the steps in which data were collected for the samples. In addition, list and explain your controlled variables, independent variable, and dependent variable for this lab.
Quantization of Energy Virtual Lab
Remember, controlled variables are factors that remain the same throughout the experiment. An independent (test) variable changes so that the experimenter can see the effect on other variables. The dependent (outcome) variable will change in response to the test variable.
Controlled variables:
Independent variable:
Dependent variable:
Summary of Steps:

Type the results of your tests in the data table below. The saved results of your measurements can also be found by selecting the data table button within the virtual lab. Don't forget to record measurements with accuracy, precision, and appropriate significant figures.
Part I: Flame Tests


Element Name

Color Description

Known One

Known Two

Known Three

Known Four

Known Five

Known Six

Unknown One

Unknown Two

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