Q this is a small gray or brown animal. It has a long, thick tail and small, pointed ears. They live in trees and eat nuts

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208. I am something to wear. I'm an outer garment for covering the lower part of the body. I have two legs. Men usually wear me. I sometimes symbolize 'a male'.  (  garment  의복 )What am I ? trousers

209. I have a round case. I have a small mouth and a long tongue. i'm a tool. My tongue is a long and flexible string made of metal or cloth. I am marked with subdivisions of foot or meter. I'm also called a tapeline. I'm used for measuring length or distance. So you can measure your height using me. And you may know the size or the length of your desk using with me.  ( flexible 유연한, subdivision 세분 , tapeline 줄자)what am I ? tape-measure (줄자)

210. I am a skyscraper. I'm a 102-story building. I was built in 1931. I can accommodate about 80,000 persons. I'm one of the modern representative buildings. I'm not located in Korea. i'm placed in the U.S.A. ( skyscraper 고층건물, 마천루 )What am I ?Empire state Building

211. You use me every day. The more I am used, the better I become. You can talk and think because of my existence. I'm meant ' a very intelligent person'. I'm the central nervous system in the cranium of man and other vertebrates. I consist to control and coordinate the mental and physical actions. I'm the most important part of the body. ( cranium 두개골,  vertebrate 척추동물, coordinate  조정하다. )what am I ? brain

212. I'm an expression of eyes. you can make it any time. If you meet with it, you may feel unpleasant. It has a very harsh and sharp light. It means 'a fierce or piercing stare'. Women are apt to make it often. ( any time 언제든지, harsh 사나운 )what am I ? glare

213. I resemble a man. I have a leg, but I can't walk at all. I stand in a farm. I put on a straw hat and worn-out clothes. I have to drive away birds, because they eat corns. And people make me stand there to watch the harmful birds. I have neither soul nor heart.(worn-out 닳아빠진, drive away 몰아내다 )What am I ?scarecrow

214. Though you try to catch me, you will never succeed. I only know to go without stopping. I don't know how to return or stop. There is a saying that I and tide wait for no man. I include past, present, and future. I'm often called gold, because I am as valuable as good. People who don't know how to use me complain of the shortness of me though they have enough. Some people spend me doing nothing. what am I ? time

215. I consist of a wide four-cornered board and many black and white stones. i'm a wholesome recreation. Many people enjoy playing me. My stone is as large as a coin in size. when white stones and black ones meet together, they fight against each other. My board is usually made of wood. It has many crossed-stripes on the face. ( wholesome 건전한 )what am I ? baduk(바둑)

216. I am a bedroom-vessel for urine and feces. I may be a kind of room-stool. If you have me in your room, you need not go out to the restroom. in Korea, I was commonly used a few decades ago, but nowadays I am seldom seen. I'm as big as a pumpkin. I'm made of a ceramic material. ( urine and feces 대소변, ceramic 도자기 )what am I ? chamber pot (요강)

217. I may look beautiful in appearance, but when you get to know me, you may feel sad. I'm decorated with artificial flowers. Ten men carry me with the dead man lying inside. Many relatives and friends of his follow me. You will find a few of them has sadder faces than the others. The former may be the dearest members of his family. As soon as I am carried to the burial place, the funeral ceremony is held. ( appearance 외관,  artificial 인조의 )what am I ? funeral bier ( 상여)

218. When I disappear, summer begins. I'm called the queen of seasons. I contain 31 days. I am the fifth month of a year. I'm at the end of the spring. My name comes from the mother of Mercury, the goddess of growth. I'm the most dynamic mouth of the year. I'm famous for green shades and fragrant plants. ( dynamic 활동적인, fragrant 향기로운 )what am I ? May

219. I'm an appendix of clothes. I'm generally made of leather. I consist of a short head and a long body. My head is usually made of metal. I have a few small holes in the lower part of my body. My job is to prevent trousers from slipping off. Your waist may be encircled with me.  ( be encircled with ∼으로 둘러 싸여있다. )What am I ?Leather belt

220. I'm a device to bring forth a wind by the movement of my broad surface. I resemble the tail of a bird. My shape is a long triangle or a semicircle. I'm something for you to hold in your hand. Long ago, people made me only with bamboo and paper. Nowadays I am often made of plastic. If you wave me, cool air comes out of me. I appear during the summer. When it is very hot and there's no wind, you had better use me.  (  bring forth 생기게 하다. semicircle 반원 )what am I ? fan

221. I'm an organ of hearing. Men have two of me. You can speak and hear thanks to me. I have the ability to discern the differences of sound, especially of musical sound. I'm situated on both sides of a head. I look like a spiral shell. ( organ 기관discern  식별하다 )What am I ? ear

222. I stand here and there in the city. I'm very tall. I'm indicated 'a person who is very tall'. I have a long, round and slender body made of wood or cement. Once I was made only of wood. But nowadays I am usually made of cement. Long time ago, I was blackish in color because I was made of wood. Now I am gray. My job is to hold and support the electric cables.  ( electric cable 전선 )what am I ? electric pole(전봇대)

223. If you use me once, I become useless. I am made of lass or plastic. I have a long needle. i'm an instrument to inject a medicine into the body. I give a shot in the arm or the hip. When children see me, they cry for fear of me. I am a tool used for medical purposes. my body looks a bit like a piston. I have much to do with hospitals.( inject 주사하다.  medical  의학의 )What am I ? injector

224. I'm made of harsh cloth. I'm as large as your palm. At first I was generally red. Now the color of mine varies. I'm a kind of cleaner. When you take a bath, you use me. I'm designed as a small bag into which you can insert your fingers. People say that I came from Italy.  I am used for washing off the dirt on the skin. (  palm 손바닥 )what am I ? Italy towel

225. In making a movie or a drama, actors or actresses and entertainers often make me. I'm not a substance but an indication of action. If they make me, they should perform again. I'm a kind of mistake in the performance. I'm meant 'no good'. No one can perform perfectly without making me. A poor actor or actress frequently makes me. ( entertainer 연기자, 연예인,  perform 연기하다 )what am I ? N.G

226. I'm a shrill or a clear sound. I come through the lips. when a beautiful girl passes by, a man makes me. I'm a kind of wind.  You can make me with your lips and fingers. When people feel good, they let me out. when people have nothing to do, they also make me sound.  ( shrill 날카로운 )what am I ? whistle

227. I'm a kind of instrument which draws your attention. A portion of my body is pt into your mouth. When you blow me, I make a sound. Sometimes I am used for self-protection. Judges in sports games use me. When a policeman controls the traffic, he also uses me.(self-protection자기방어,Judge심판)what am I ? signal whistle

228. At a wedding ceremony or at a graduation people want to make a lot of us. I'm square shaped. If you smile, it appears in me in the same manner. I can keep your finger for long. I'm made of special paper. My body is flat and thin. I'm made by way of light and shade.   ( graduation 졸업 )what am I ? photograph

229. I dislike heat. I love cold weather. I'm another form of water. I'm made when it is below zero. The warmer it is, the more sweat I drop and I become smaller. I can also be produced by freezing. You can eat me. I can protect foods from decaying. I naturally appear during the winter, but people need me in summer. Now man himself can make me in any season. ( freezing 냉동,  decay 부패하다 )what am I ? ice

230. I always go round, but you can't feel it. Men live on me. To say exactly, I go round the sun days and nights. I have a satellite, the moon. Now I am suffering from pollution. I'm a unique plant where living things exist. My equatorial diameter ranges 7926 miles. I'm so big that you can't see my whole body at a glance.

( satellite 위성,  pollution 오염, 공해,  equatorial 적도의 )what am I ? the earth

231. I'm a plant I grow absorbing water. I consist of a le and a head. My leg I white and my head is yellow. My favorite food is water. People make me grow not on the ground but in the room. I grow as a crowd. what am I ? bean sprouts (콩나물)

232. I play with your teeth in the mouth. Before I enter your mouth, I'm hard. But when I come out of your mouth, I am soft. I came from America. Now I am also made in Korea. I came to Korea before the Korean war. I can get rid of bad smell in your mouth. I'm something to chew. I'm made of sweetened and flavored chicle. (  chew 씹다. )what am I ?Chewing gum

233. I consist of two heads, one back and two legs. My back has two arms without hands. I'm a tool used for caring farm-produce. when you go up a mountain to get firewood, you can use me. I can be found easily in easily in every farm village. Every farmhouse has me. I am similar to a letter, A in shape. ( farm-produce 농작물 )what am I ?. A-frame carrier (지게)

234. I'm washed three times a day. I'm very hard, but easy to break. You should be careful not to break me. I'm used for keeping or serving food. I'm a shallow container made of pottery or glass. My body is round and flat. My color is various, but white color is common. I'm used when you are at the table. I usually live in the kitchen. ( shallow 얕은,  at the table 식사 중에 )what am I ? dish

235. I'm hung on the wall in a room or an office. When it is hot, I go up. when it is cold , I go down. I have a thin red liquid bar. I'm a scaled glass tube. During the summer, the red bar usually ascends. And during the winter, it usually descends. I'm an instrument to measure the temperature.  ( scaled 눈금이 있는 )What am I ? thermometer

236. I have a light without smoke, and I'm not hot. I fly in the air. I glow in the dark. I have a soft body. I have a light-producing organ in my abdomen. I am an insect. You can see me in the summer. When the night comes round, I start acting. I have six legs and four wings.  ( abdomen. ,  start acting 행동개시 )What am I ? firefly

237. when it is fine, I put on lots of clothes. when it rains, I take off them. My favorites are wet clothes. I am placed on the rooftop or in the yard. After washing clothes, you use me to dry them. I am made of a long string. ( rooftop 옥상 )what am I ? laundry line(빨랫줄)

238. I am a container to put text-books, notebooks and school supplies in. I go to school every day, but I don't study. I usually sit by the desk. When I go to school or come back home, I am full. But while I stay at school, I am hungry. ( school supplies 학용품 )what am I ? schoolbag

239. I have no feet, but I travel from place to place. I'm welcomed wherever I go. You may have trouble to live without me. I'm made of metal or paper. There are many sayings connected with me. For example, people say " I am everything. " " I bovern the world/ " " when I am gone, friends are gone . " I go through many hands. I make the world go round. Many events occur because of me. I'm a power. I am very important in capitalistic societies. I am issued as means of exchange and a measure of value by the government.  (  capitalistic 자본주의의 )what am I ? Money

240. Originally I was a local food of Naples in southern Italy. Now, I became a world famous food. I'm a flat, round and baked food made of salami, cheese, tomatoes, green pepper and meat laid on the flour dough. If you eat me with Coke, the taste is even better.  ( dough. 가루반죽)what am I ? pizza

241. You meet me every morning. I usually live in the bathroom. Whenever you wash your face and hands, you use me. While you use me, I am full of water. After you finish washing, I become vacant. I am a shallow and round container. I am used chiefly to hold for washing.  (  vacant 텅 빈 )what am I ? basin (세숫대야)

242. You can see me when the sun is below the horizon at sunrise or at sunset. I'm a diffused light from the sky. I have colorful clouds. I'm red, or yellow, or golden yellow. I burn without smoke in the sky. I look very beautiful. when you look at me, you will admire my beauty. ( horizon  지평선, 수평선,  diffused 널리 퍼진 )what am I ? twilight

243. when I go up, I am shut. when I come down, I am opened. when I go up, I become one part. when I go down, I become two parts. when you put on pants or a skirt, you also pull me up. I have a long mouth which has many small teeth made of plastic or metal. I am called a slide fastener. I am a device for joining two pieces of cloth into one. I consist of two parallel rows of teeth interlocked or parted by the motion of a hand. ( slide fastener 미끄럼식 죔쇠,  parallel 평행의,  interlock 연결하다. )what am I ? zipper

244. Though I am not old at all, people call me a grandmother. But I am not a person. I usually grow near the graves. I can't hold up my head. I am always bowing to the ground. I'm a purple flower blooming in April.  ( grave 무덤)what am I ?pasqueflower (할미꽃 )

245. I have six faces. each one is perfect square. I have 21 eyes, but I can't see anything. my job is to roll on the floor. Each face has a different number of eyes. I am a small cube. I am marked with one to six spots on each side. I am used in games or gamblings. People play the game by throwing me on the floor. ( cube 정육면체, 입방체 )what am I ? dice

246. I have no shape. You can detect me when you hear or smell me. I am a kind of gas coming out of the bowels or out of the stomach. I come out of the narrow tube of the intestines. I let out a bad smell. when a person blow me, most people pick their noses and make faces. I give a person an unfavorable impression. ( bowel 창자의,  intestine 내장 )what am I ? flatus

247. I am an insect. I build a nest either under the ground or in rotten wood and live a highly organized social life. when my friends move around a swamp, it rains very soon. I have no poisonous but discharge formic acid from the end of my belly. Only the queen can lay eggs. ( swamp  ,  formic acid 개미산 )What am I ? ant

248.  I am a liquid. I flow down slowly but get back very fast. Most times I am colorless and transparent. when you catch a cold, I come out and my color become yellow. You will see me often on the face of children. I'm a mucus in the nose. ( mucus  점액 )What am I ? snivel

249. I have a large head and ten arms. People call my arms feet. I also have a slender body and a pair of round or triangular caudal  fins. I am various in length from 4-6 inches to 60-80 feet. when people drink beer, they usually eat my dried body as a side-dish. women enjoy eating me for their snack. ( caudal 꼬리모양의 fin 지느러미 )what am I ? squid

250. I am one of the 24 seasonal divisions. i'm in December. I am the day when the sun is farthest from the equator. when I come, people usually eat 'Pat-chuk' a soup made of red beans. I have the longest night in a year.  ( pat-chuk 팥죽 )what am I ?winter solstice (동지)

251. I am one of the old sports. I'm still popular all over the country, especially in the rural area. I'm different from Judo. If you make your opponent fall down, you win. when any part of your body, except your feet, touches the ground, you lose the game. The winner usually gets an ox. I need technique as well as strength. I'm played on a place of sand. ( rural area 시골, 지방,  opponent 적수, 상대자 )what am I ?씨름 ( Korean wrestling)

252. I am an old structure. I have a big gate. I'm the oldest construction made of wood in Seoul. I was built in 1448. I am  the Korean National Treasure No. 1. My original name is Sungrye gate. when you come to Seoul, you can find me easily. What am I ?south Gate (남대문)

253. When I go down, I'm light. when I come up, I'm heavy. when you draw up water a well, you use me. I'm a vessel, generally cylindrical, with a flat bottom. If you go to the countryside where is no water supply system, you can see me. ( well 우물,  water supply system 상수도 )what am I ?bucket (두레박)

254. As soon as I go out my house, I hit my head on the wall of the house and die soon. Though the lighter was invented, I was used for making fire. So when you smoke, you use me. I consist of a small head and a long body. My head is roundish and generally red. My body is made of wood. I usually live in a boxlike house. My house is full of my friends. ( roundish 둥근,  boxlike 상자같은, 상자모양의 )what am I ?piece of match (성냥개비)

255. I'm located at the front part of a house. I'm an opening in a fence or a wall. When you enter a house, you have to come through me. I have the duty of preventing or stopping strangers from intruding into the house. Most urban houses have me. People can sleep safe because of my existence.  ( opening 통로, 구멍,   urban 도시의 )what am I ?gate

256. I am a little which distinguishes you from others. Every one has me. I am neither a substance nor a common noun. I was given to you soon after you were born. Of course, you have soon after you were born. Of course, you have me now. You may be inconvenient to get along with your family, friends and others if you don't have me. And also, it would not be easy for you to make yourself known to others. There is a saying that a tiger, after his death, leaves his hide, and man leaves me. Whether your name live long or not depends on what you have done for others. (  inconvenient 불편한, make yourself known 자기를 알리게 하다 )What am I ?name

257. when a play begins, I go up. And when a play ends, I come down. I'm a hanging screen made of cloth that can be drawn down or raised up. I am suspended from the ceiling. I live for the stage. I let you know the time when the play begins or ends by going up or coming down. what am I ?curtain ()

258. I must take responsibility for my class mates for a week. I have to go to school earlier and back home later than they. One of my duties is to clean up the classroom. Generally I consist of two students.What am I ?monitor(주번)

259. I have many teeth which are long and thin. I am chiefly made of plastic. I am used for trimming your hair. People tend to use me by looking into the mirror. Women use me more than once a day. what am I ? comb

260. My body is black. If you rub an ink stick on my body, you can make a black liquid needed for writing or drawing pictures. I am in good terms with sticks, sheets of paper and writing brushes. And ancient scholars loved all the four of us. I am made of stone. I have much to do with penmen. ( ink stick ,  penmen 서예가 )what am I ? ink stone(벼루)

261. When I work, I take off my hat. And in resting, I put on my hat. My name in Korean means a pen which can be used for ten thousand years. I am as large as a ballpoint pen but more expensive. my favorite food is ink. I have a reservoir that provides a continuous supply of ink to the point.  ( reservoir (만년필의 ) 잉크통, 저장소 )what am I ?fountain pen(만년필)

262.  When I am alone, I can't work at all. I am made of stainless steel, wood or plastic. i'm used for picking up something to eat. You use me about three times a day. I am a pair of sticks. I am often compared to a fork. I am a twin, and always work together. I am longer and thinner compared with one of your fingers. koreans are good at handling me. (a pair of 한 쌍의)What am I? chopsticks

263. when I am wet, I can not function. Long ago people used me to heat their rooms and to cook their meals. Therefore I was an important fuel. I am made of a dead tree. I am dried wood which burns well. People often split me with an ax.  ( ax 도끼 )What am I ? firewood

264. I appear in your eyes when you feel grief or exultation. I am a drop of salty liquid that moistens the eye. You may think a person who has a tender heart or sympathy for others has a tender heart or sympathy for others has much of me. women often make use of me as a weapon. I am watery fluid continually made by the lacrimal glands between the surface of the eye and the eyelid, serving to moisten the eye and keep it clear of foreign particles.  ( exultation 환희, moisten 촉촉하게하다, lacrimal 눈물의, gland , )what am I ?tear

265. If you eat up my rice, I become hungry. when I start for school, I am heavy. when I come home, I am light. I go to school, but I don't study. I am taken a bath once a day. I don't go to school on weekends. I am a boxlike case. what am I ?lunchbox

266. As years go by, I increase one by one. The older you are, the more you have me. I appear on the face and the neck. women make up to hide me. I am a ridge or furrow on your skin. If you have many of me, you look old for your age. ( ridge 이랑,   furrow 고랑 )what am I ?wrinkles

267. If you pull the trigger I run away. I go flying very fast. I am meant a person who is very quick in action. I am a metal projectile fired from a small weapon. My shape is similar to a crayon. If you play with me, danger tends to follow you. when you join the army, you can see me every day.  ( trigger 방아쇠, projectile 발사체, fired 발사된 )what am I ?bullet

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