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Putting a Black Face on the Devil, The Minstrel Show 2.0

You literally can not escape it, everywhere you turn there is another article about black people committing horrendous acts of violence with a tsunami of media coverage and national outrage from nearly every angle but more specifically when it comes to holding entertainers and professional sports athletes accountable for their misdeeds. It’s presented as society and law makers taking a stance against members of a privileged group that has gotten away with flaunting their economic prowess to abdicate the laws that binds the rest of the Joe and Jane Averages’ of the world. While this all sounds grand and dignified on some levels it does not pass the smell test because the members of this so called elite group that have been identified are predominantly black people who are being thrown under the bus while their white counterparts receive proverbial slaps on the wrist generally obtaining a pass from the dominant society. 

From Michael Vick to Ray Rice to Adrian Peterson, the new face of domesticated terror and violence are black men and this is being bagged and sold as a predominately black problem that needs immediate attention because apparently this is a problem of epidemic proportions occurring strictly within the confines of the black community. Let’s be clear, there is no room for child, domestic or child abuse in our society on any level but let’s also stop pretending that this is strictly a black problem originating in the black community because as we move further along evidence to the contrary will be revealed.

Historically, the violence in America has all of it’s cultural origins from the dominant society and everything else you see is in direct correlation to it. In other words, violence in America has Caucasian roots. Whether it be the beating children, women or dogs, the customs of violence are a white creation. Remember, black Africans and Moors were stripped of their identities, religions, languages, and customs while their European captors beat the European ways of civilization into them with terrifying and demonic tactics that would make Joseph Stalin cringe. Black women would beat their children to spare them from being killed by the plantation hands who had no regards for the lives of little black boys and girls. Everything in terms of violence seen in the black community has roots in the dominant society and it’s time for Americans to address this matter. This is not a black issue, it’s an American issue, point blank! Go check out the history of dog fighting, the wife beater shirt, and the history of Europe for more clarity about the origins of violence. And then look at the significance of the number 711.

Moreover, with national emphasis focused on placing black faces on crime and other malevolent acts speaks to a form of propaganda planned social engineering to continue to demonize and destroy the character of black people as a whole. 

In regards to domestic abuse, if there were truly groups in America outraged by the actions of Ray Rice, then why did they ignore the reports of domestic violence when the names on the A list were Brett Myers, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Christian Bale, and Hope Solo? Where was the outrage? Where was the anger as Myers punched his wife in the face at a hotel bar and dragged her by her hair as she was pulled across the floor through the lobby and continued to assault her as they entered the elevator. This was the response of domestic abuse groups according to an article in the Philadelphia Daily News back when this occurred in 2006…

"We are not planning a protest and I’m not aware of anyone who is," Heather Keafer of Women Against Abuse said yesterday. "I think the fans have had great response in the past, and I’m hopeful they’ll continue their pressure to make sure that he’s held accountable for his actions." 
Now, here’s how the public responded to Rice after his incident according toABC News….

Baltimore pub No Idea Tavern announced on Twitter it would give a $10 bar tab to any customers who surrender a Rice jersey at the bar. Hersh’s Pizza and Drinks, a nearby Italian restaurant, said diners can trade their Rice jerseys in for a free pie.”These jerseys will save us money on toilet paper this week,” the pizza restaurant wrote on Facebook.Alex Belush, a manager at No Idea Tavern, told ABC News the bar wants to take a stand against domestic violence.”We just wanted to find a way to show support,” Belush said.

And the hypocrisy continues… Myers was later celebrated as a hero on a float as the Philadelphia Phillies won a worlds series never serving any suspensions or sanctions for his actions. Both Gibson and Bale have continued to make movies in without any major public outcry whatsoever and Sheen has turned his bad boy image into another cash cow once grossing millions to act on his sitcom before his issues with substance abuse got him fired. Solo brashly Tweeted about playing soccer the evening that her domestic abuse story went public and with all of these cases stated above, there was not outcry from members of the dominant society. And let’s not get started with the owners of these professional franchises with racial, drugs, and sexual assault charges hanging over their heads with practically no public scrutiny at all.

Yet, black men and women no matter the economic tier are consistently faced with injustices and unfair treatment as they continue to try to find a place in a society that has proven time and time again that it does not want them there. So, when we see the black face being used to sell and agenda, it’s the new minstrel show where black face is used to devalue and demonize the value of black  lives allowing for public sentiment to sink to a level so low that mere interactions or minor infractions become justification to extinguish the lives of black people with little or no regard. 

It’s way passed time for black Americans to understand these concepts as it has been made clear by the predominant white community that this is the path of logic that they have chosen to travel for this is their accepted narrative. Maybe, just maybe blacks will take exception to these tactics and become more focused on building a black community independent of total reliance of the dominant society and create their own where they can control the image and integrity of their people.

Professor Carl Tone Jones, M. Ed

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