Push Comes to Shove

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Study Guide for Baryshnikov dances Sinatra
1. The choreographer for “Push Comes to Shove” is Twyla Tharp.
2. Frank Sinatra enjoyed his peak years of popularity during World War II.
3. Twyla Tharp’s choreography is considered to be modern dance.
4. Before starting her own company, Twyla Tharp danced with Paul Taylor.
5. A choreographic technique that Tharp uses is to choreograph to one piece of music and then to change the music.
6. Twyla Tharp was first considered to be a post modern choreographer.
7. The lead male dancer for “Push Comes to Shove” is Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Essay question for credit.

1. In watching Twyla Tharps choreography, she uses humor and facial innuendos to embellish her choreographic statement. Would this be something which would be uniquely understood by American audiences or would this be a universal gestural communication?

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