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TO: USA 4-4-14




Demonstrations of the Holy Spirit’s power including signs and wonders (that make you wonder) are necessary for maintaining a free nation. I see revival fire as crucial to prevent invasion of our enemies. God can set us on fire for Him and scare our enemies away or His power will make a spectacle of us in front of our enemies. Do whatever it takes to protect the God’s ministers and artwork of the Holy Spirit.

Broadcast the sounds He is making with His Bride to get unbelievers attention.
“All years up to now have been God preparing us because 2014-2015 are the greatest years of opportunity since God has created the world. Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. These will be the greatest years for growth. Forget loses...including loses. It can all come back very very quickly. It is not over until God says it is over. Go where you have never gone before.”(Missionary Darrel Stott)
He wants to be our Lighthouse and lead us to safety...spiritually, mentally and physically. He has prepared places for us. He wants to bless and protect us and our creations here but we must unite and acknowledge Him and submit to authority to be under His protection…even if our authority figures are not completely correct. God can use weak people to confound the wise (1 Cor 1:27). The exception to this is tyranny authority.
Make sure your behaviors are initiated by God. Who taught you to act like non-Christians? Are you a bimbo or the Bride of Jesus Christ? You are surrounded. Only God can help sitting ducks. Get people saved everywhere you go to help persuade God to protect. Say the name of ‘Jesus.’ This is one way to rebuild the walls of our founding fathers and stay awake (intercession for sleeping nonbelievers)… then perhaps the nation can be saved.
I believe God is saying that He is going to visit DC and He is warning America. This is not just about the USA. Where America goes affects everyone. This is about the royal priesthood…birthing God into the earth. This is about the holy nation…the chosen generation. This is about being prepared for attacks on our borders from other nations…defending free worship that attracts the kingdom of heaven to earth and defends the righteous. The gravity of sin has caused the spiritual walls of protection, built by our monumental forefather pilgrims, to fall down and now we have to rebuild them or we are vulnerable. God’s grace area running out…you cannot escape the Father’s love or correction. After 2-3 years of no change, monumental deletion is coming (perhaps firing of a lot of people in high places, destruction of DC, purging of sin, and/or female president shifting destiny of America). Do not doubt God’s power. There is even The Holy Bible with dynamite power in it. The gift of knowledge is being stirred to work alongside police forces. The reverse is true, if America heeds the warning and makes moral changes, I believe there will be unprecedented favor and monumental blessing of DC and America…the world. The future consequence of choices has been released. I save the best for last. Forefathers prayers have the backs of the righteous to defend and take territories.(Rom 8:28 – all things will work together for those that love God and do His will of spreading and demonstrating the gospel). This is a time of action/confrontational love…war. You may bleed before you lead unless you heed advice of females leaders too. All of heavens courts and hell are watching. This is a significant time. God has deposited and blessed the USA…Americans can no longer just sit around complacent. I am making an appearance in theatres around the world and showing sides of Me that I’ve never showed before. Even My soul is being healed of all the scars of My people forgetting Me. To whom much is given, much is required. Do not waste time. Worldly distractions attack your time and limit God’s possibilities for your life. The fullness of time has come. If you build My kingdom, I will come in many ways and through My people. I am destiny and I have time lines too. Send missionaries to and fervently pray for Ukraine. This nation is an apex of spiritual war.

The lust industry is currently twisting minds and this is causing people to not be able to recognize the appearance of the Holy Spirit manifestations. Examples are dancing or getting drunk in the spirit and gifts like the word of knowledge are mistaken for witchcraft. This causes prophets to be persecuted. If we cannot heed directions from prophets, who sometimes act bizarre, we are vulnerable as a nation and possibly a human race.

Intercessory laughter of the Holy Spirit is the best weapon of warfare. Hopefully, a battle (ropes, knives, guns…explosives) will not have to manifest before change. God is saying don’t stop until I say, “Stop!” Jesus will not allow people with lustful eyes around Him and He is coming back. DC has been spiritually black (immoral laws and dark powers). Texas is better but the union has been divided and God is showing a sign and wonder that He is invading (it is black and white) God can see color in between. God is choosing a mediator (middle man). God is saying, “Enough is enough!” and drawing a line. Laws need abandoned that allow sin. Law with abortion, sexual entertainment, faith-based organizations, farmers, prayer and music in public including schools/armed forces, full-time status/breaks, government money going to Christian humanitarian work in the name of Jesus, stop unneccesary sin that invites curses for many generations causing illness and debt, fund people with documented gifts of healing and knowledge. Have them work alongside police targeting sex trafficking crime. War against negative word curses printed in the tabloids about the President and the First Lady. These behaviors are examples of rebuilding walls. Pharmacia has become an idol. Most doctors are taught by humans…not Me. Even much of the army wonders if America’s future is worth fighting for. No one can legally say the name of Jesus in public anymore? Get real! Much of the army will stand with Texas. People need recalibrated because the history and the laws have been interpreted/taught wrong.
You may say that all New Testament prophets should only speak kindly but I say the Old Testament represented the Father, the New Testament represented Jesus and after the Holy Spirit came in the Book of Acts, spontaneous things happen based on the Holy Spirit and the King of the kingdom, Jesus. People with an argument are at the mercy of people with experiences. A King can do whatever He wants. Limited knowledge does not limit Him. He can make a New Testament prophet like an Old Testament prophet if He wants to. Old Testament prophets often acted out their prophecies before their understood or spoke them. This is about defying all laws that have manifested from the sin nature. This is about possession from Spirit of God and the righteous assigned armies of angels. God is fun.

Going to church is not enough. If nothing changes, attacks are coming on all four sides and with climate change (which reflects hearts), the clock is ticking for Americans…and the world. Without moral change or supernatural powers, people will not survive. Times may get desperate requiring self defense.

Jesus is at the door. Get ready for CHANGE! Terrorists and Satanists are planning to torture/burn Christians/government leaders. Are you ready for the consequences of doing nothing? Escape the coming fires. God wants everyone saved…worldwide – a global celebration to heal the world…Simply…GO INTO ALL THE WORLD. Romans 8:28 and Isaiah 54:17 are scriptures for God’s wounded warriors…stand your ground and take back what was stolen. God cannot lose but we must be willing to be a martyr if needed. Isa 54:10 – “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you. There is immense beauty beyond the gate…heaven.
My Bride (remnant /real believers) is a perfect ten in My eyes. The roles change...sometimes I give Her My power on earth. Our wedding colors are black and white with rainbows and the tables for the guests are already set. We are sending out invitations. I can enter at any second. Most cannot recognize Me or Her because of twisted mindsets. Has Hollywood made you a BIMBO or have/will you allowed me to make you a BRIDE? Part of purification is renewing the mind and untwisting thoughts (take communion before intimacy helps heal the mind)…this includes redefining bad words/nudity. When you don’t know bad words or their meaning has changed in your mind, they lose their power to make you fall into sin. Evil loses its power over you. This produces unshakable, cemented soldiers/five-fold ministers.

“I AM awakening My warrior Bride. I AM lifting the veil off of My Bride’s eyes. I AM lifting the secret society network off of the earth.

Some of 2/22 Prophecy from Kim Clement ‘UNUSUAL MANIFESTATIONS’ [INCLUDING OF THE LOVE AND COURTING BETWEEN CHRIST AND INTIMACY WITH HIS BRIDE & SUPERNATURAL ACTING/SHOWING OFF ENTERTAINMENT that mocks sin and displays His sovereignty by surrounding us with angels and co-actors. Jesus will not be unequally yoked. He is demonstrating and being an example. Women have creative power. Husbands and wives must learn to lead and follow each other based on the Holy Spirit, experience and wisdom. Like dancing, sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow. Working by the sweat of your brow decreases as creativity increases.

I PUTIN THE PLANE AND NOW THE WORLD IS PREGNANT WITH ME. The world is pregnant with revival. Hands and feet are already formed. DON’T THROW THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATHWATER. CHRIST IS THE GRAND POTENTATE (introducing and somewhat mocking secret societies). God listens…and responds.

My fury is over. But now the gold is dim and there is no leadership. The rich are poor. This is not what I wanted for you. Women even once compassionate now sacrifice their own children. Now I have kindled a (love) fire in Zion. I have searched for a man and woman to stand in the Oval Office and call forth the restoration of the fortunes of Zion. Do not give away Jerusalem to its enemies!!! There is an echo in the spirit as the prophets unite into one party and as I do a mirror image, a repeat of circumstances in Israel and America. I will do things in these two nations at the same time (God wants them both filmed/bugged live (with a delay to protect peoples’ identity if needed)). I am restoring the fortunes to the elect of God…those who have been stolen from. The murder of children and using them for income will stop. I am showing a peace sign to supreme leaders…and the underworld (Season of Romans 8:28). Two Supreme Court leaders will step down…I want righteousness there. I have this whole thing planned out. I have a genius to be president of the United States. My mist/favor is covering all the people. This person will throttle the enemies of Israel and the West. Highly embarrassing moments are about to occur for many politicians in this nations…shaking of democrats and unsettling of republicans. There is a new kind of nation ‘itching’ for war with America that will shout ‘Impeach.’ They will come suddenly when My David arises for this nation. Many will say he does not speak enough. Highly embarrassing moments are coming when another Snowden arises…this is God’s weapon of war to bring this nation to its knees …to humble them…THEN you will hear victory…because right now I can’t find my people united. Where are they? This man will slowly emerge for people are saying, “How do we kill the giants?” My David is young and small in stature. Those that reject him shall be shocked at how he takes the giants (like disease and debt) down. He will take a simple stone and his plan is so brilliant, it could have only been given by me Even the weather is setting people up to receive from Me to receive from the heavens that I am shaking. The enemy will try to put a witch in the White House. The Jezebels (controlling people groups that can include men) have a history of chasing away the prophets…but God says, “Go back! This shall be dismantled so there will be no more corruption in the White House.” says the Spirit of the Living God.”

I am teaching my royalty…my kings and queens…secret languages to gain new territories. Know that 22 & 38 are Bridegroom anointing numbers. I am setting up my network of Biblical leaders for this world and others…411

What is black and white to people is not what is black and white to God. He can also see color…the Bridegroom anointing is about Christ stealing His Bride out of the grasp of the enemy, satan… and the revelation can manifest between a man and woman that are not married. Through His people in America (and Israel),

He is using certain sounds to mock sin. As God’s enemies listen (spy on/watch the righteous), their plans will get interrupted and fail. This anointing came with H-B and I believe it is for the purpose of setting up the kingdom of heaven on earth…a royal priesthood. People literally become puppets in the hand of God……acting out many characters…God’s Holywood all over the earth…mocking Hollywood. Unknowingly, everyone becomes actors!

His kingdom sounds expose and mock all sinful sounds (when hearts and minds are right, God can then use them to offend others minds which reveal hearts) but now is a time for war against the ungodly and complacent. God says that if we put video cameras on us and show it to those in high places and those in the trenches…the threat of war will stop as all the world will come to know God is in charge and has invaded the earthfear the puppeteer. He wants His size to be noticed.

Some prophets/Christian artists may be persecuted in the beginning of unwrapping gifts because people do not understand their gifts or what words of knowledge can sound like. Even prophets do not understand themselves because no one is teaching them. Where is a school for prophets? Plus, God is always doing a ‘new’ thing.
Mental hospitals are full. Human sex trafficking is at an all time high. Missionaries are depressed and starving abroad. A law should be passed that missionaries can trade locations with Americans for 5-10 years. Be world travelers. The west has a lot of materialistic and broke and recycled Christians that need fixed from sickness over and over. Many times, healing happens when people go into missions work. Christians need mentored by missionaries or to read their books. As you go to other nations, divine spontaneous connections with prosperous leaders in cities can/will occur. MISSIONS ABROAD MUST BE REGULARLY SUPPORTED FINANCIALLY AND TALKED ABOUT FROM THE PULPITS IN AMERICA. This is rebuilding the walls of protection. Do you know what it means to be global? There are 196 nations. Infuse the people with visions of My love. Revival history museums need built all over America and the world because most people do not recognize the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. God even makes a way for the broken dreams in the graveyards (Field of Dreams movie) and once you belong to Him, your purpose will manifest (The Santa Claus movie).

I see 2-4 new worlds in the lower parts of the Star of David Constellation. He has prepared places for us. He is purifying us to enter...homosexuals are slowing down multiplying. To get corrected now is better than on judgment day. You cannot serve money AND God. But there are ministers that are exceptions to the rule to reflect my kingdom coming and to feed the poor around the world and these people are opportunities for you to sow into.


God’s love and grace INTERRUPT His children from reaping the negative seeds they have sown….LOVE INTERRUPTS

Trinity – from Rev Nace in Cumberland [Let us make man in our image. The plurality of majesty.] Five fold leaders need to make sure their teachings come from and are accepted by all 3 areas of the trinity which is God’s will (the center)

Jesus Community / Bride

God’s will

Holy Spirit

Revelation is the revealing of Christ through the victorious Bride and he is coming back in the clouds…but many times the clouds represent people throughout the Bible (cloud of witnesses). “What if God was one of us?” This is a mystery…old teaching are being proven wrong…translation has hidden truth until such a time as this.

One time Moses had to give orders to the children of Israel to purify the people. This was literally brothers killing brothers. Those that had idols had to be killed. Today, we know our armies kill to let others live. I believe the coming war is about killing for life to be sustained on earth…perhaps the battle for the end of the ages….Armageddon. Revival must come to prevent unnecessary wars. The earth cannot take more war but if those that survive war are immoral, life will not sustain itself anyway. Staging a war can distract enemies. I believe God is giving people powers to unite kingdoms. A reverse of Babylon, a common language, is happening. But the result…the crashing of pride will happen too.
Suggested: The Monumental DVD, kimclement.com, Soaking Prayer Music, sentinelgroup.com, The Holy Spirit & You by Denis & Rita Benett any revival history books like God’s Generals or Signs and Wonders by Woodworth Etter
Another Solution: Fun, Fitness & Faith Gatherings can provide places that are safe to seek God, strengthen community relationships, get fit with family-friendly dance music AND de-stress with Christian Soaking Music that enables people to receive from God. (Dancing scriptures: Ecc 3:4, 2 Sam 6:14-23, Jer 31:13,20, Ps 30:11;149:1,3;150, & Luke 15:25) (Soaking scriptures: Ps 23:1-3;4:4;37:7;46:10;27:14, Isaiah 40:29-31;55:1-3,Matt 11:28-30, Heb 4:9-11, Luke 10:39)
DC trip

I dreamed Putin wants to bomb the White House and something about a submarine bomb sneaking into the capital. God is also targeting our President and I believe He has drawn a Christian cross of protection in DC to protect America from its enemies…to cancel their target ‘x.’ God wants to carry out a rescue mission with His black stealth warrior angel (and stop the angel of death assignment) over the USA…sent from the ultimate authority in heaven…Who spies on everyone. We are caught up in the air with God. God has voices crying out in the wilderness to prepare people for the return of Jesus and to prevent disasters. Respect authority placed by God. God’s treasures are safe in His safe. Black and white, expect a gold and silver wave to hit/from the west coast. Expect the wave of God to move your feet onto the path of favor. When God comes, get off your butt and do something and let God change things…do not complain and let Him change your finances. Quote prophets correctly and respond to God’s voice...faith is active…do something…an example is sowing into ministry. It is black and white…the bible states that a nation divided cannot stand (We are going down if nothing changes). Learn to wait on/for the presence of God to come. Men and women and blacks and whites are too divided (Mark 3 If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand). This nation does not appear ready for war or for the power of God to invade. Therefore, the result could be bad. God wants to offer help…knowledge that Jesus is soon to return…fully manifested and He will lead the way…including the way to hidden universes. He says, “The dream is alive.” to encourage galaxy fans but the money spent searching for them is probably not going to help us get where we need to go. The journey is a Spirit-led adventure and He is planning the trip...you can even eat on the way He is showing off…mocking the lust industry…making out with His Bride, not for 2 weeks, but for 2 years…hovering on earth. He is using our weaknesses as weapons of warfare. He is redefining lustful words. He is mocking every problem (whether originated from satan or people). Every person is welcome in His kingdom as they accept Jesus. He wants divisions to stop. He is making ways of escape where there weren’t any ways before. He even redeems witches and mocks fear of them…He is Mr. Nice Guy.

Before bed, I heard and spoke, “Robin’s egg” and “On a walk.” Two days later, Neil and I were walking back to our car from the Jefferson Memorial and I pointed out a robin to him and within seconds he pointed to purple buses and said, “Look, like Cadbury.” I believe God was showing me that the words He is speaking to me now are a sure glimpse into the future. He is a time traveler. He is telling us options of the future. Choose Him and avoid much calamity. (Jump on the Holy Spirit bandwagon or dry up-Keith Luker) His joy is our strength…God also has a sense of humor. He says, “Things will get so bad that even satan has already left on the missing plane. But He is so good even aliens want to get saved.” LOL
Prevent women from turning into mere baby machines (printers) and prevent third world conditions enlarging in the USA by changing the moral climate that will attract more of God’s presence into the earth. Beware of brain bypasses.
Palestinian Pile-ups

“Explosioins of drunken love are the very things that will win the Islamic world to Christ. Muslim nations are about to be taken in an instant, simply because of outbreaks of joy! These same principles of staying whacked in public are the key to harvesting the hardest nations of all.

At the time of this writing, we took a team of more than 100 crazy Holy Spirit junkies to minister openly in one of the most intense seedbeds of Islamic suicide bombers and terrorists in the world. These are the people who should want to shoot us, but it is difficult to shoot someone who is coming to love on you and bring your food! It is also difficult to shoot at a silly drunken fool who makes you laugh! Jesus has called us to bless our enemies, and it is only the love of God that can radically transform lives!”

The Ecstasy of Loving God by John Crowder
How many encounters do you need before you change? Israel was led by a pillar of fire and some still did not change.

There is only one way to heaven. You got one shot.

If the president does not publicly confess Jesus Christ, he needs removed.

Death to the old man is the moral change that can enable America to continue on.

To all the secret Satanists, they will have to verbalize they are a Christian when they introduce themselves to everyone they meet before they can talk.

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