Puritan Timeline Activity

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Puritan Timeline Activity
After reading the Book including the Historical Perspective on Puritan Influence (Bell-Ringer) and "A Model of Christian Charity" use your understanding of the expectations of early Puritan Society to consider the question: Based on the following chain of events to what extent were the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay successful in fulfilling their goal in coming to the New World?
Look over each item and decide does present evidence of success (+), failure (-), or both (+/-)?

  1. 1630-40: The Great Migration, 11 ships, 700 people

  1. 1634: each town could send a delegate to the General Court; only church members could vote, but most colonists were members of the Puritan church

  1. 1635: General Court forbade sales of any items at more than 5% over cost

  1. 1635: Roger Williams banished

  1. 1636: Boston Latin School and Harvard College established to train ministers

  1. 1637: Ann Hutchinson banished

  1. 1641: 55% of the community could vote

  1. 1642: General Court ordered households to conduct regular religious catechism classes

  1. 1643: Keayne fined for taking excessive profits; triangular trade brings wealth to merchants

  1. 1647: Old Deluder Act required every town of more than 50 households to appoint a father to instruct the young; towns over 100 households required to hire grammar school teacher

  1. 1649-60: establishment and failure of the Puritan Commonwealth in England

  1. 1662: Half-Way Covenant

  1. 1662: royal order forbade execution of Quakers

  1. 1660s: Salem largest port in Massachusetts Bay Colony

  1. 1670: census records 12 prostitutes in Boston

  1. 1674: Half-Way Covenant church members allowed to vote

  1. 1684: Massachusetts Bay Colony charter revoked by king; colony merged into Dominion of New England

  1. 1689: Dominion overthrown in Glorious Revolution (look up Glorious Revolution)

  1. 1690: King William's War with Native Americans and French (look up King William’s War)

  1. 1691: Massachusetts Bay charter regained, but remains a royal colony; church membership no longer required for voting, but property is....

  1. 1692: Salem Witch Trials

  1. 1701: Harvard's tolerant reputation leads to establishment of Yale

  1. 1720: Boston a commercial hub; population soars over 10,000

  1. 1722: Yale president announces he is an Anglican (Look up why this is a big deal)

After you have discussed and decided where these events fall post the following on Edmodo:

(If needed create an account & join your class with following code: 1st=6ct2ht, 2nd=wgzpa7, 3rd=9nx43b)

  1. What do you think were the top 3 successes for the Puritans? (can just list numbers of events just be able to explain why they were successes)

  2. What do you think were the top 3 failures for the Puritans? (can just list numbers of events just be able to explain why they were failures)

  3. Overall using the events and your understanding of Puritan goals based on all our readings and discussions (especially Model of Christian Charity) would you say the Puritans were overall more successful or failures in terms of shaping society in the way they thought it should function. Give the 2 best pieces of evidence to support your views and explain how they help prove your point. (Should only take 3 to 4 sentences and is worth 5 participation points)

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