Puritan New England Define the following terms and names

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Puritan New England
Define the following terms and names:

  1. Puritans

  2. John Winthrop

  3. Separatist

  4. Plymouth Colony

  5. Mayflower Compact

  6. Massachusetts Bay Colony

  7. Roger Williams

  8. Anne Hutchinson

  9. Pequot War

  10. Metacom

  11. King Philip’s War

Cause/Effect: Describe the effect of the causes below:

  1. Persecution of Puritans in England

  1. Puritan Belief in hard work

  1. Roger Williams’ dissenting beliefs

  1. Anne Hutchinson’s teachings

  1. Land dispute between Native Americans and Puritans

  1. King Philip’s War

Write a short answer ( 2 to 3 sentences that answer the following questions):

  1. Why did the Puritans come to America?

  2. How did the Puritans treat people with religious beliefs that differed from their own? Why?

  3. How did religion and the use of the land conflict between Native Americans and the New England colonists?

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