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Publications for Sheila Fitzpatrick


Fitzpatrick, S. (2015). 'Determined to Get On': Some Displaced Persons on the Way to a Future. History Australia, 12(2), 102-123.

Fitzpatrick, S. (2015). Afterword. In Choi Chatterjee, David L. Ransel, Mary Cavender, Karen Petrone (Eds.), Everyday Life in Russia Past and Present, (pp. 390-405). Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

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Fitzpatrick, S. (2015). Impact of the Opening of Soviet Archives on Western Scholarship on Soviet Social History. Russian Review, 74(3), 377-400. [More Information]

Fitzpatrick, S. (2015). On Stalin's Team: The Years of Living Dangerously in Soviet Politics. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Fitzpatrick, S. (2015). On Stalin's team: The years of living dangerously in Soviet politics. Juncture, 22(3), 248-251. [More Information]


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Fitzpatrick, S. (2013). Política como prática. Uma nova abordagem à história polítca soviética. In B. Monteiro & V. Borges Pereira (Eds.), A política em estado vivo. Uma visão crítica das práticas políticas. Lisbon: Edicoes 70, Lda.

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Fitzpatrick, S. (2012). On the Trail of Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay: A Russian-Australian Encounter with the Antipodes. In Kate Fullagar (Eds.), The Atlantic World in the Antipodes: Effects and Transformations since the Eighteenth Century, (pp. 166-184). Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Fitzpatrick, S. (2012). Things under socialism: the Soviet experience. In Frank Trentmann (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of the History of Consumption, (pp. 451-466). 2012: Oxford University Press.

Fitzpatrick, S. (2012). Życie codzienne pod rządami Stalina, Rosja radziecka w latach trzydziestych XX wieku. Krakow: Jagiellonian University Press.


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Fitzpatrick, S. (2010). My Father's Daughter. Memories of an Australian Childhood. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press.

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Fitzpatrick, S. (2008). A Short History of Truth and Lies in the Soviet Union from Stalin to Khrushchev. In B. Davis, T. Lindenberger & M. Wildt (Eds.), Alltag, Erfahrung, Eigensinn. historisch-anthropologische Erkundungen. Frankfurt: Campus Verlag.

Geyer, M., Fitzpatrick, S. (2008). Beyond Totalitarianism: Nazism and Stalinism Compared. New York: Cambridge University Press.

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Fitzpatrick, S. (2005). Tear off the Masks! Identity and Imposture in Twentieth-Century Russia. Princeton: Princeton University Press.


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Fitzpatrick, S., Viola, L. (1990). A Researcher's Guide to Sources on Soviet Social History in the 1930s. Armonk, NY: Routledge.


Fitzpatrick, S. (1982). The Russian Revolution. New York: Oxford University Press

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