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Publications for Peter Read

Publications for Peter Read


Read, P., Wyndham, M. (2015). Eurocommunism and the Concertación: Reflections on Chilean European Exile 1973–1989. Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research, 21(1), 116-125. [More Information]


Read, P. (2014). A History of Aboriginal Sydney., Australia: University of Western Sydney.

Wyndham, M., Read, P. (2014). The disappearing museum. Rethinking History, 18(2), 165-180. [More Information]


Read, P. (2013). 'The evidence of our own past has been torn asunder': Putting place back into urban Aboriginal history. In Christine Hansen, Kathleen Butler (Eds.), Exploring urban identities and histories, (pp. 91-100). Canberra: AIATSIS Research Publications.

Read, P. (2013). Making Aboriginal History. In Anna Clark, Paul Ashton (Eds.), Australian History Now, (pp. 24-39). Sydney: NewSouth Publishing.

Read, P., Wyndham, M. (2013). Those who have no memorial: Contested memories of a Pinochet site of conscience. Encounters, 1, 181-196.

Read, P. (2013). You have to let out the scream: Curated exhibitions of violence inside and outside the site of infamy. History Australia, 10(3), 215-235.


Wyndham, M., Read, P. (2012). Filling the Void of Trapped Memories: The Liberation of a Pinochet Centre of Torture. Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research, 18(1), 41-54.


Wyndham, M., Read, P. (2011). The Cemetery, the State and the Exiles: A Study of Cementerio Colon, Havana, and Woodlawn Cemetery, Miami. Portal: journal of multidisciplinary international studies, 8(1), 1-19.

Wyndham, M., Read, P. (2011). The day Londres 38 opened its doors: a milestone in Chilean reconciliation. Universitas Humani?stica, 71, 193-212.

Read, P. (2011). To get back home, to belong: Nancy de Vries: A Story of the Stolen Generations. In A Cadzow & J Maynard (Eds.), Nelson Aboriginal Studies, (pp. 53-265). Melbourne, Australia: Cengage Learning Australia.


Wyndham, M., Read, P. (2010). From State Terrorism to State Errorism: Post-Pinochet Chile's Long Search for Truth and Justice. The Public Historian, 32(1), 31-44.

Read, P., Sukovic, S. (2010). Pieces of a Thousand Stories: Repatriation of the History of Aboriginal Sydney. Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 2(3), 40-54.

Read, P. (2010). Reanimating Lost Landscapes: Bringing Vizualisation to Aboriginal History. Public History Review, 17, 77-88.

Read, P. (2010). Reconciliation without History: State Crime and State Punishment in Chile and Australia. In Frances Peters-Little, Ann Curthoys and John Docker (Eds.), Passionate Histories: Myth, Memory and Indigenous Australia, (pp. 281-298). Canberra: ANU E Press.


Read, P. (2009). Following the Funa: Punishing the State in Chile. Arena Journal, 32, 45-51.

Read, P. (2009). Tripping Over Feathers: Scenes in the Life of Joy Janaka Wiradjuri Williams, A Narrative of the Stolen Generations. Crawley, WA, Australia: University of Western Australia Publishing (UWAP).


Read, P. (2008). 'The Truth That Will Set Us All Free': An Uncertain History of Memorials to Indigenous Australians. Public History Review, 15, 30-46.

Read, P. (2008). Enclosing the Spirit. In Angele Smith & Amy Gazin-Schwartz (Eds.), Landscapes of Clearance: Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives, (pp. 154-163). USA: Left Coast Press.

Read, P., Peters-Little, F., Haebich, A. (2008). Indigenous Biography and Autobiography. Canberra: ANU E Press.

Wyndham, M., Read, P. (2008). Memory and a Hard Place: Revisiting Central Havana. Portal: journal of multidisciplinary international studies, 5(1), 1-16.

Read, P., Wyndham, M. (2008). Putting Site Back into Trauma Studies: A Study of Five Detention and Torture Centres in Santiago, Chile. Life Writing, 5(1), 79-96. [More Information]

Read, P. (2008). Tripping Over Feathers: Beginning A Biography of Janaka Wiradjuri (Joy Williams). Zeitschrift für Australienstudien, 21-22(2007/2008), 141-156.

Read, P., Foley, D. (2008). Whose Landscape? Who's Exiled? In Anna Haebich, Baden Offord (Eds.), Landscapes of Exile: Once Perilous, Now Safe, (pp. 85-96). Bern: Peter Lang Publishing.


Read, P., Wyndham, M. (2007). Between the Silence and the Scream. Recordings Made at Sites in the Last Days of Victor Jara. In Ros Bandt, Michelle Duffy and Dolly MacKinnon (Eds.), Hearing Places, Cambridge Scholars, (pp. 24-30). United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Read, P. (2007). Clio or Janus? Historians and the Stolen Generations. In Andrew Hassam with Amit Sarwal (Eds.), Australian Studies Now, (pp. 178-186). New Delhi: Indialog Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Read, P. (2007). Murder, revenge and reconciliation on the North Eastern frontier. History Australia, 4(1), 09.1-09.15.

Read, P. (2007). Remembering the Soviets. Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research, 13(2), 85-98.

Read, P., Wyndham, M. (2007). The Bay of Pigs: Revisiting Two Museums. Public History Review, 14, 80-96.

Read, P. (2007). The Survival of Slavery in Australia in the 20th Century: Not If But Why: A Black Armband History. In Maria Suzette Fernandes Dias (Eds.), Legacies of Slavery: Comparative Perspectives, (pp. 35-47). United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Read, P. (2007). The Truth Which Will Set Us All Free: National Reconciliation, Oral History and the Conspiracy of Silence [Keynote address of the International Oral History Association Conference (14th: 2006: Sydney)]. Oral History, 35(1), 98-106.


Read, P. (2006). Blacktown, 1814. In Martin Crotty & David Andrew Roberts (Eds.), The Great Mistakes of Australian History, (pp. 32-47). Sydney: University of New South Wales (UNSW) Press.

Read, P. (2006). Doubts about the Treaty: some reflections on the Aboriginal Treaty Committee. In Peter Read, Gary Meyers and Bob Reece (Eds.), What Good Condition? Reflections on an Australian Aboriginal Treaty 1986-2006, (pp. 31-40). Canberra: ANU E Press.

Kinnane, S., Read, P. (2006). Indigenous Knowledge in the Workplace: A Workshop for Indigenous Practitioners. Dialogue (Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia), 25(3), 73-77.

Read, P. (2006). The McBryde Principle. In Macfarlane, I with Mountain, M and Paton, R (Eds.), Many Exchanges: archaeology, history, community and the work of Isabel McBryde, (pp. 95-99). Canberra: Aboriginal History Incorporated.

Read, P., Meyers, G., Reece, R. (2006). What Good Condition? Reflections on an Australian Aboriginal Treaty 1986-2006. Canberra: ANU E Press.

Read, P. (2006). What if Aborigines Had Never Been Assimilated? In S Macintyre & S Scalmer (Eds.), What If? Australian History as it Might Have Been, (pp. 187-211). Melbourne: Melbourne University Press.


Read, P. (2005). And the dead remain behind. Cultural Studies Review, 11(1), 110-121.


Read, P. (2004). A Haunted Land No Longer? Changing Relationships to a Spiritualised. Dialogue (Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia), 23(1), 18-26.


Read, P. (2003). And the dead remain behind. Humanities Research, 10(3), 47-55.

Read, P. (2003). Haunted Earth. Australia: University of New South Wales (UNSW) Press.

Read, P., Wyndham, M. (2003). Introduction to "The Diaspora of the Latin American Imagination". Humanities Research, 10(3), 1-7

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