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Publications for Michael Jackson

Publications for Michael Jackson


Jackson, M., Grace, D. (2015). Machiavelli’s Shadows in Management,

Social Psychology and Primatology. Theoria: a journal of social and political theory, 62(142), 67-84. [More Information]


Jackson, M., Grace, D. (2014). Dinner in Utopia: Why did Plato Propose "Amazing and Frightening" Meals in Common? Spaces of Utopia, 2(3), 9-26.

Grace, D., Jackson, M. (2014). Reflections on the Misrepresentation of Machiavelli in Management: The Mysterious case of the MACH IV Personality Construct. Philosophy of Management: Loyal Talents, Distorted Knowledge?, 13(3), 51-72.


Jackson, M., Grace, D. (2013). Machiavelli's echo in management. Management and Organizational History, 8(4), 400-414. [More Information]


Jackson, M. (2012). Approaches to learning and teaching: some observations. Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis, 33(1), 65-71.


Jackson, M. (2009). Responsibility versus accountability in the Friedrich-Finer debate. Journal of Management History, 15(1), 66-77. [More Information]

Jackson, M., Grace, D. (2009). The Utopian Vision Within Leviathan: The Good Life According to Hobbes. Utopia and Utopianism, (3), 25-39.


Jackson, M. (2008). I, Burocrat. Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law, 1(1), 368-378.


Jackson, M., Smith, R. (2007). Corruption. In Brian Galligan and Winsome Roberts (Eds.), Oxford Companion to Australian Politics. Oxford University Press.

Jackson, M. (2007). Cracking the Thucydides Code. Antioch Review, 65(1), 173-184.

Jackson, M. (2007). Utopia. In Galligan, Brian and Roberts, Winsome (Eds.), The Oxford Companion to Australian Politics. (pp. 612-613). South Melbourne, Australia: Oxford University Press Australia.


Jackson, M. (2006). "Serving time": the relationship of good and bad teaching. Quality Assurance in Education, 14(4), 385-397.

Jackson, M. (2006). Approaches to Teaching and Students' Perceptions of Teaching. MountainRise, 3(2), 1-20.

Jackson, M. (2006). Great classroom teaching and more: awards for outstanding teaching evaluated. International Journal of Educational Management, The, 20(4), 261-278.

Jackson, M. (2006). Orders and Obedience: Structure and Agency. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 26(7/8), 309-325.


Jackson, M., Ross, R. (2005). Approaches to Economics Education. Eleventh Australasian Teaching Economics Conference (ATEC11): Innovation for Student Engagement in Economics, Sydney, Australia: School of Economics and Political Science, University of Sydney.

Jackson, M. (2005). Philosopher-Kings and Bankers. Theoria: a journal of social and political theory, 52(107), 19-35.

Jackson, M. (2005). Serving time: The relation of good and bad teaching. Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Annual Conference - HERDSA 2005, Sydney: Institute for Teaching and Learning.

Jackson, M. (2005). The eighteenth century antecedents of bureaucracy, the Cameralists. Management Decision, 43(10), 1293-1303. [More Information]

Jackson, M., Colquhoun, T. (2005). The Swedish Model. A Q: Journal of Contemporary Analysis, 77(2), 20-27.


Jackson, M. (2004). Bureaucracy In Hegel's Political Theory. In William Ieuan (Bill) Jenkins, Edward C. Page (Eds.), The Foundations of Bureaucracy in Economic and Social Thought, (pp. 3-21). Cheltenham, Gloucester, England, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.


Jackson, M. (2001). Cashing in on Machiavelli. In Shelly Wilsey (Eds.), Building Leadership Bridges, (pp. 95-109). United States: James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership.

Jackson, M. (2001). Designed by Theorists: Aristotle on Utopia (Essays). Utopian Studies, 12(2), 1-13

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