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Publications for Mark McKenna

Publications for Mark McKenna


McKenna, M. (2015). Elective Affinities: Manning Clark, Patrick White and Sidney Nolan. In Ian Henderson, Anouk Lang (Eds.), Patrick White Beyond the Grave: New Critical Perspectives, (pp. 81-100). London: Anthem Press.


McKenna, M. (2014). Keeping in Step: The Anzac 'Resurgence' and 'Military Heritage' in Australia and New Zealand. In Shanti Sumartojo, Ben Wellings (Eds.), Nation, Memory and Great War Commemoration: Mobilizing the Past in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, (pp. 151-167). Bern: Peter Lang AG, International Academic Publishers.

McKenna, M. (2014). Tokenism or belated recognition? Welcome to Country and the emergence of Indigenous protocol in Australia, 1991-2014. Journal of Australian Studies, 38(4), 476-489. [More Information]


McKenna, M. (2013). Glorious days: Australia 1913.

McKenna, M. (2013). Six pack: Volume one of A History of Australia is published. In Tanya Dalziell, Paul Genoni (Eds.), Telling Stories: Australian Life and Literature 1935-2012, (pp. 240-246). Clayton, Australia: Monash University Publishing.

McKenna, M. (2013). The history anxiety. In Alison Bashford, Stuart Macintyre (Eds.), The Cambridge History of Australia: Volume 2: The Commonwealth of Australia, (pp. 561-580). New York, USA: Cambridge University Press.

McKenna, M. (2013). Who Stopped the Music? In Robert Manne (Eds.), The Best Australian Essays 2013, (pp. 153-163). Collingwood, Victoria: Black Inc.


McKenna, M. (2012). Transplanted to Savage Shores: Indigenous Australians and British birthright in the mid nineteenth-century Australian colonies. Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, 13(1), 1-11. [More Information]


Coakley, J., McKenna, M. (2011). 'Whatever happened to Republicanism?': Changing Images of the Monarchy in Ireland and Australia. In Katie Holmes and Stuart Ward (Eds.), Exhuming Passions: The Pressure of the Past in Ireland and Australia, (pp. 271-294). Dublin: Irish Academic Press.

McKenna, M. (2011). An Eye for Eternity: The Life of Manning Clark. Carlton: The Miegunyah Press.


McKenna, M. (2010). Anzac Day: How Did It Become Australia's National Day? In Marilyn Lake and Henry Reynolds (Eds.), Whats Wrong with Anzac The Militarisation of Australian History, (pp. 110-134). Sydney: University of New South Wales (UNSW) Press.

McKenna, M. (2010). Crown. In Melissa Harper, Richard White (Eds.), Symbols of Australia, (pp. 33-37). Sydney: University of New South Wales (UNSW) Press.


McKenna, M. (2009). 'The Language of Ordinary Men': Henry Reynolds, History and the Pursuit of Justice. In Bain Attwood and Tom Griffiths (Eds.), Frontier, race, nation: Henry Reynolds and Australian history, (pp. 71-91). Melbourne, Australia: Australian Scholarly Publishing.

McKenna, M. (2009). Australian History and the Australian 'National Inheritance'. Australian Cultural History, 27(1), 1-12. [More Information]


McKenna, M. (2008). 'We think we're pretty good and we are': Values and patriotism in John Howard's Australia. In Deborah Gare, David Ritter (Eds.), Making Australian History: Perspectives on the Past since 1788, (pp. 592-600). Australia: Thomson (Learning Australia).

McKenna, M. (2008), Lecture: Notes From the Underground: Writing the biography of Manning Clark.

McKenna, M. (2008). Monarchy: From Reverence to Indifference. In Deryck M Schreuder and Stuart Ward (Eds.), Australias Empire, (pp. 261-287). New York, USA: Oxford University Press.

McKenna, M. (2008). One More With Feeling: The Strange History of Manning Clark. In Amit Sarwal and Reema Sarwal (Eds.), Fact & Fiction: Readings in Australian Literature, (pp. 323-352). New Delhi: Authorspress.

McKenna, M. (2008). The Anzac Myth. In Tony Jones (Eds.), The Best Australian Political Writing 2008, (pp. 333-350). Melbourne: Melbourne University Press.

McKenna, M. (2008). The Republic. In Robert Manne (Eds.), Dear Mr Rudd: Ideas for a Better Australia, (pp. 15-27). Melbourne: Black Inc.


McKenna, M., Ward, S. (2007). 'It Was Really Moving, Mate': The Gallipoli Pilgrimage and Sentimental Nationalism in Australia. Australian Historical Studies, 38(129), 141-151.

McKenna, M. (2007). Being There. In Drusilla Modjeska (Eds.), The Best Australian Essays 2007, (pp. 199-226). Melbourne Australia: Black Inc.

McKenna, M. (2007). Once More With Feeling: the personal Voice of Manning Clark. In Stuart Macintyre, Sheila Fitzpatrick (Eds.), Against the grain: Brian Fitzpatrick and Manning Clark in Australian history and politics, (pp. 191-222). Melbourne: Melbourne University Press.

McKenna, M. (2007). The Australian Republic: Still Captive after all these Years. In John Warhurst & Malcolm MacKerras (Eds.), Constitutional Politics: The Republic Referendum and the Future, (pp. 145-162). Australia: University of Queensland Press.


McKenna, M. (2006). Writing the Past. In Drusilla Modjeska (Eds.), The Best Australian Essays 2006, (pp. 96-110). Melbourne VIC: Black Inc.


McKenna, M. (2005). A symbolic life. Griffith Review, 9(Spring 2005), 151-159.

McKenna, M. (2005). Voyage Around My Constitution. In Sybil Nolan (Eds.), The Dismissal, (pp. 148-154). Melbourne University Press: Melbourne University Press.


McKenna, M. (2004). Ashes of Republicanism, Dust of Empire. Meanjin, 63(3), 175-186.

McKenna, M. (2004). The Poetics of Place: Land, Constitution and Republic. Dialogue (Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia), 23(1), 27-33.

McKenna, M. (2004). The republic, democracy and reconciliation. In Wayne Hudson & A. J. Brown (Eds.), Restructuring Australia: Regionalism, republicanism and reform of the nation-state, (pp. 98-110). Sydney, Australia: Federation Press.

McKenna, M. (2004). This Country: a Reconciled Republic?. Sydney., NSW: University of New South Wales (UNSW) Press.


McKenna, M. (2003). 'I wonder whether I belong': Manning Clark and the politics of Australian history 1970-2000. Australian Historical Studies, 34(122), 364-383.

McKenna, M. (2003). A History for Our Time? The Idea of the People in Australian Democracy. History Compass, 1(1), 1-15.

McKenna, M. (2003). A Preference for Forgetting: some reflections on publishing Looking for Blackfellas Point. Aboriginal History, 27, 131-138.

McKenna, M., Hudson, W. (2003). Australian Republicanism: a Reader. Carlton, Vic.: Melbourne University Press.

McKenna, M. (2003). Poetics of place. Griffith Review, 2, 185-194.

McKenna, M. (2003). Why the war was wrong. In Raimond Gaita (Eds.), Why the war was wrong, (pp. 167-200). Melbourne: The Text Publishing Company.


McKenna, M. (2002). Building a Closet of Prayer in the New World: the Story of the Australian Ballot. United Kingdom: Menzies Centre for Australian Studies.

McKenna, M. (2002). Looking for Blackfellas' Point : an Australian history of place. Sydney, NSW: University of New South Wales (UNSW) Press

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