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Publications for Louise Marshall

Publications for Louise Marshall


Marshall, L. (2015). The Collaboration from Hell: A Plague Strike Force at S. Pietro in Vincoli, Rome. In Jennifer Spinks, Dagmar Eichberger (Eds.), Religion, the Supernatural and Visual Culture in Early Modern Europe: An Album Amicorum for Charles Zika, (pp. 20-49). Leiden: Brill.


Marshall, L. (2013). Plague in the city: identifying the subject of Giovanni di Paolo's Vienna Miracle of Saint Nicholas of Tolentino. Renaissance Studies, 27(5), 654-680. [More Information]


Marshall, L. (2012). A Plague Saint for Venice: Tintoretto at the Chiesa di San Rocco. Artibus et Historiae, 66(XXXIII), 153-188.


Marshall, L. (2011). Getting Out of Jail Free, or, Purgatory and How to Escape It in Spanish Art. In Kathleen Nelson (Eds.), Cathedral, City and Cloister: Essays on Manuscripts, Music and Art in Old and New Worlds, (pp. 195-224). Ottawa, Canada: Institute of Mediaeval Music.


Marshall, L. (2009). A New Plague Saint for Renaissance Italy: Suffering and Sanctity in Narrative Cycles of Saint Roch. In Jaynie Anderson (Eds.), Crossing Cultures: Conflict, Migration and Convergence: the proceedings of the 32nd International Congress of the History of Art, (pp. 543-549). Melbourne: The Miegunyah Press.

Marshall, L. (2009). Purgatory in the medieval imagination: the earliest images. In Greg Kratzmann (Eds.), Imagination, Books and Community in Medieval Europe, (pp. 212-219). Melbourne: Macmillan Art Publishing.


Marshall, L. (2008). Il culto di san Rocco in Toscana nel tardo Quattrocento: i dipinti di Bartolomeo della Gatta in Arezzo. Vita Sancti Rochi, 2, 96-109.

Marshall, L. (2008). Plague Literature and Art, Early Modern European. In Joseph Byrne (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Pestilence, Pandemics and Plagues. (pp. 522-530). Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood.

Marshall, L. (2008). Religion and Epidemic Disease. In Joseph Byrne (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Pestilence, Pandemics and Plagues, vol. 2. (pp. 593-600). Westprot, Connecticut: Greenwood.


Marshall, L. (2006), Review: G. Bailey et al., Hope and Healing: Painting in Italy in a Time of Plague, 1500-1800, in Renaissance Quarterly.

Marshall, L. (2006), Review: R. Mellinkoff, Averting Demons. The Protective Power of Medieval Visual Motifs and Themes in Speculum.


Marshall, L. (2005). La costruzione di un santo contro la peste: il caso di Nicola da Tolentino. In Valentino Pace and Roberto Tollo (Eds.), San Nicola da Tolentino nell'arte. Corpus iconografico. Vol. 1: Dalle origini al Concilio di Trento, (pp. 87-101). Tolentino, Italy: Biblioteca egidiana and Federico Motta.


Marshall, L. (2004). Luxury And Pathos In Romanino?S Christ Carrying The Cross. In David R. Marshall (Eds.), The Italians in Australia: Studies in Renaissance and Baroque Art, (pp. 131-144). Florence: Centro Di.


Marshall, L. (2002). Reading the Body of a Plague Saint : Narrative Altarpieces and Devotional Images of St. Sebastian in Renaissance Art. In Bernard J. Muir (Eds.), Reading Texts and Images. Essays on Medieval Renaissance Art and Patronage, (pp. 237-271). Exeter (U.K.): University of Exeter Press.


Marshall, L. (2000). Confraternity and Community: Mobilizing the Sacred in Times of Plague. In B. Wisch and D Cole Ahl (Eds.), Confraternities and the Visual Arts in the Italian Renaissance: Ritual, Spectacle, Image, (pp. 20-45). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

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