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Publications for Jennifer Milam

Publications for Jennifer Milam


Milam, J. (2015). Betwixt and Between: Chinese Taste in Peter the Great's Russia. In Petra ten-Doesschate Chu, Ning Ding, Lidy Jane Chu (Eds.), Qing Encounters: Artistic Exchanges between China and the West, (pp. 264-286). Los Angeles: Getty Publications.

Milam, J. (2015). Rococo Representations of Interspecies Sensuality

and the Pursuit of Volupté. Art Bulletin, 97(2), 192-209. [More Information]


Milam, J. (2014). Art and aesthetic theory: claiming Enlightenment as viewers and critics. In Daniel Brewer (Eds.), The Cambridge Companion to The French Enlightenment, (pp. 122-136). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.


Milam, J. (2013). "Art Girls": Philanthropy, Corporate Sponsorship, and Private Art Museums in Post-Communist Russia. Curator: The Museum Journal, 56(4), 391-405. [More Information]


Milam, J. (2012). Toying with China: Cosmopolitanism and Chinoiserie in Russian Garden Design and Building Projects under Catherine the Great. Eighteenth-Century Fiction, 25(1), 115-138. [More Information]


Milam, J. (2011). Historical Dictionary of Rococo Art. United Kingdom: Scarecrow Press, Inc.

Milam, J. (2011). Imagining Marie Antoinette: Cultural Memory,

Coolness and the Deconstruction of History in Cinema. French History and Civilization: papers from the George Rude Seminar, 4, 45-53.


Milam, J. (2008). A monk, the writer and his painter: Diderot's imagining of a Fragonard. In Christina Ionescu and Renata Schellenberg (Eds.), Word and image in the long eighteenth century: an interdisciplinary dialogue, (pp. 227-247). Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Milam, J. (2007). Miming Play: Picturing Amusement in Rococo Decorative Panels and Garden Designs. In Cavanaugh, Alden (Eds.), Performing the "Everyday": The Culture of Genre in the Eighteenth Century, (pp. 47-61). Cranbury, NJ: University of Delaware Press / Associated Univeristy Press.

Milam, J. (2007). The Art of Imagining Childhood in the Eighteenth Century. In Findlay, Rosie and Salbayre, Sebastien (Eds.), Stories for children, histories of childhood [Histoires d'enfant, histoires d'enfance], (pp. 1-20). Paris: Presses Universitaires François-Rabelais.


Milam, J. (2006). Fragonard's playful paintings: Visual games in Rococo art. Manchester and New York: Manchester University Press.


Van Dyk, G., Milam, J., Davids, C., Boyce, G. (2005). Art in the Boardroom: Questioning the Ethics of Corporate Collecting Practices. In Crowther, David & Jatana, Renu (Eds.), Social Responsibility in India, (pp. 39-42). Hyderabad: ICFAI University Press.

Milam, J. (2005). Play between disciplines: the problem of the ludic in rococo art and Enlightenment culture. SVEC, 2005 (4), 102-113.


Milam, J., Hyde, M. (2003). Introduction: art, cultural politics and the woman question. In Hyde, Milam (Eds.), Women, Art and the Politics of Identity in Eighteenth-Century Europe, (pp. 1-19). UK: Ashgate.

Milam, J. (2003). Matronage and the direction of sisterhood: portraits of madame Adelaide. In Hyde, Milam (Eds.), Women, Art and the Politics of Identity in Eighteenth-Century Europe, (pp. 115-138). UK: Ashgate.

Milam, J. (2003). Mixing it up: Blending face-to-face and online learning in first year Art History and Theory. Synergy, (18), 10-11.

Milam, J. (2003). Women, Art and the Politics of Identity in Eighteenth-Century Europe. UK: Ashgate.


Milam, J. (2002). Sex Education and the Child: Gendering Erotic Response in Eighteenth-Century France. In Marilyn R. Brown (Eds.), Picturing Children: Constructions of Childhood Between Rousseau and Freud, (pp. 45-53). United Kingdom: Lund Humphries Publishers

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