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Publications for Fiona Probyn-Rapsey


Boyd, M., Chrulew, M., Degeling, C., Mrva-Montoya, A., Probyn-Rapsey, F., Savvides, N., Wadiwel, D. (2015). Animals in the Anthropocene: Critical perspectives on non-human futures. Sydney: Sydney University Press.

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2015). Dingoes and dog-whistling: a cultural politics of race and species in Australia. Animal Studies Journal, 4(2), 55-77.

Boyd, M., Chrulew, M., Degeling, C., Mrva-Montoya, A., Probyn-Rapsey, F., Savvides, N., Wadiwel, D. (2015). Introduction. In M. Boyd, M. Chrulew, C. Degeling, A. Mrva-Montoya, F. Probyn-Rapsey, N. Savvides (Eds.), Animals in the Anthropocene: Critical perspectives on non-human futures, (pp. vii-xxiv). Sydney: Sydney University Press.


Probyn-Rapsey, F., Degeling, C. (2014). Animal Studies Journal. Animal Studies Journal, 3(1).

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2014). Review Article: Multispecies Mourning: Thom van Dooren's Flight Ways: Life and Loss at the Edge of Extinction by Thom van Dooren. Animal Studies Journal, 3(2).


Johnston, J., Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2013). Animal death. Sydney: Sydney University Press.

Johnston, J., Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2013). Introduction. In Jay Johnston, Fiona Probyn-Rapsey (Eds.), Animal death, (pp. xiii-xx). Sydney: Sydney University Press.

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2013). Made to Matter: White Fathers, Stolen Generations. Sydney: Sydney University Press.

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2013). Nothing to See - Something to See: White Animals and Exceptional life/death. In Jay Johnston, Fiona Probyn-Rapsey (Eds.), Animal death, (pp. 239-252). Sydney: Sydney University Press.

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2013). Stunning Australia. Humanimalia, 4(2), 84-100.


Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2011). Furries and the Limits of Species Identity Disorder:

A Response to Gerbasi et al. Society and Animals, 19(3), 294-301. [More Information]

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2011). White Closets, Jangling Nerves and the Biopolitics of the Public Secret. Australian Literary Studies, 26(2), 57-75.


Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2010). Complicity, critique and methodology: Australian con/texts. In David Carter and Wang Guanglin (Eds.), Modern Australian Criticism and Theory, (pp. 218-228). Qingdao: China Ocean University Press.


Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2009). 'Uplifting' white men: marriage, maintenance and whiteness in Queensland 1900-1910. Postcolonial Studies, 12(1), 89-106. [More Information]

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2009). Putting Complicity to work for Accountability: An Australian Case Study. In Begum Ozden Firat, Sarah de Mul, Sonja van Wichelen (Eds.), Commitment and Complicity in Cultural Theory and Practice, (pp. 154-166). London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan.


Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2008). Country Matters: Sexing the Reconciled Republic of Australia. Feminist Review, 89, 73-86. [More Information]

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2008). Reconnaissance: The Role of the Feminine and Feminist Theory in the Novels of J. M. Coetzee. In Kailash Baral (Eds.), J M Coetzee: Critical Perspectives, (pp. 247-274). New Delhi: Pencraft International.


Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2007). Black Sheep Nation. Australian Cultural History, 26, 173-193.

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2007). Complicity, Critique, Methodology. A R I E L, 38(2), 65-82.

Brewster, A., Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2007). Issue 42 of Australian Humanities Review. Australian Humanities Review, 42(August-September 2007).

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2007). Kin-fused Reconciliation: Bringing them Home, Bringing Us Home. Australian Humanities Review, (42), 1-18.

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2007). Paternalism and Complicity: Or How Not to Atone for the 'Sins of the Father'. Australian Literary Studies, 23(1), 92-103.

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2007). Some Whites Are Whiter Than Others: The Whitefella Skin Politics of Xavier Herbert and Cecil Cook. JASAL - Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature, Special Issue 2007, 157-173.


Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2006). Bitumen Films in Postcolonial Australia. Journal of Australian Studies, 88, 97-109.

Gall, A., Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2006). Ivan Sen and the Art of the Road. Screen (Oxford), 47(4), 425-439.


Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2005). An Ethics of Following and the No Road Film: Trackers, Followers and Fanatics. Australian Humanities Review, 37, 1-19.


Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2004). Playing Chicken At The Intersection: The White Critic Of Whiteness. Borderlands E - Journal: new spaces in the humanities, 3(2), 1-42.

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2004). Review: Stephen Kinnane's Shadowlines. Journal of Australian Studies, 81, 163-165.

Probyn-Rapsey, F., Somerville, M. (2004). Towards 'a Postcolonial Practice of Writing'. Hecate: an interdisciplinary journal of women's liberation, 30(1), 56-71.


Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2003). The white father: denial paternalism and community. Cultural Studies Review, 9(1), 60-76.


Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2002). A Poetics of Failure is no bad thing: Stephen Muecke and Margaret Somerville's White Writing. Journal of Australian Studies, 26(75), 17-26.

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2002). A Review of Lynne Hume's Ancestral Power: The Dreaming, Consciousness and Aboriginal Australians. Australian Humanities Review, June 2002(26).

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2002). How does the Settler Belong? Westerly, 47, 74-94.

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2002). J M Coetzee: Writing with/out Authority. Jouvert: a journal of postcolonial studies, 7(1).

Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2002). Review: The Australian Fiancé. Journal of Australian Studies, (4).

Probyn-Rapsey, F., Simpson, C. (2002). This Land is Mine/This Land is Me: Reconciling Harmonies in 'One Night the Moon'. Senses of Cinema, (February).


Probyn-Rapsey, F. (2001). Adam Aitken: 'Second Degree Native Informant'. Meanjin, , 37-52

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