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Publications for Cassandra Pybus

Publications for Cassandra Pybus


Pybus, C. (2012). Conlon's Remarkable Circus. In G. Gray, D. Munro and C. Winter (Eds.), Scholars at War: Australasian Social Scientists, 1939-1945, (pp. 55-72). Canberra, ACT: ANU E Press.

Pybus, C. (2012). Thomas Jefferson and Slavery. In Francis D. Cogliano (Eds.), A Companion to Thomas Jefferson, (pp. 271-283). UK: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.


Pybus, C. (2011). Mary Perth, Harry Washington, and Moses Wilkinson: Black Methodists Who Escaped from Slavery and Founded a Nation. In Alfred F. Young, Gary B. Nash, and Ray Raphael (Eds.), Revolutionary Founders: Rebels, Radicals, and Reformers in the Making of the Nation, (pp. 155-168). New York, USA: Alfred A. Knopf.

Pybus, C. (2011). Tense and Tender Ties: Reflections on Lives Recovered from the Intimate Frontier of Empire and Slavery. Life Writing, 8(1), 5-17. [More Information]


Pybus, C. (2010). Harry Washington (1760s-1790s) A Founding Father's Slave. In Beatriz G. Mamigonian, Karen Racine (Eds.), The Human Tradition in the Black Atlantic, 1500-2000, (pp. 51-64). Lanham, Maryland, USA: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Inc.


Pybus, C. (2009). ''Not Fit for Your Protection or an Honest Man''s Company'': A Transnational Perspective on the Saintly William Dawes. History Australia, 6(1), 12.1-12.7.

Pybus, C. (2009). The African Diaspora at the End of the World. In Curry, Dawne Y; Duke, Eric D; Smith, Marshanda A (Eds.), Extending the Diaspora: New Histories of Black People, (pp. 157-177). Illinois: University of Illinois Press.


Pybus, C. (2008). "One Militant Saint": The Much Traveled Life of Mary Perth. Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, 9(3), 1-9. [More Information]

Pybus, C. (2008). A Self-Made Man. In Anna Johnston and Mitchell Rolls (Eds.), Reading Robinson: Companion Essays to Friendly Mission, (pp. 97-109). Tasmania: Quintus Publishing.

Pybus, C. (2008). The Old Commodore: a transnational life. In Desley Deacon, Penny Russell and Angela Woollacott (Eds.), Transnational Ties: Australian Lives in the World, (pp. 3-18). Canberra: ANU E Press.


Pybus, C. (2007). 'A Less Favourable Specimen': The Abolitionist Response to Self-Emancipated Slaves in Sierra Leone, 1793-1808. Parliamentary History, 26(2), 97-112. [More Information]

Pybus, C. (2007). Billy Blue: An African American Journey through Empire in the Long Eighteenth Century. Early American Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, No. 1(Fall 2007), 252-287.

Pybus, C. (2007). Bound for Botany Bay: John Martin's Voyage to Australia. In Emma Christopher, Cassandra Pybus & Marcus Rediker (Eds.), Many Middle Passages: Forced Migration and the Making of the Modern World, (pp. 92-108). Berkeley, LA, London: University of California Press.

Pybus, C. (2007). Caribbean slave revolts and the British abolitionist movement. The Americas: a quarterly review of Inter-American cultural history, 64(1), 125-126.

Bradley, J., Pybus, C. (2007). From Slavery to Servitude: The Australian Exile of Elizabeth and Constance. Journal of Australian Colonial History, 9, 29-50.

Christopher, E., Pybus, C., Rediker, M. (2007). Introduction. In Emma Christopher, Cassandra Pybus & Marcus Rediker (Eds.), Many Middle Passages: Forced Migration and the Making of the Modern World, (pp. 1-20). Berkeley, LA, London: University of California Press.


Pybus, C. (2006). Black Founders. Australia: University of New South Wales (UNSW) Press.

Pybus, C. (2006). Epic Journeys of Freedom: runaway slaves of the American Revolution and their global quest for liberty. Boston: Beacon Press.

Pybus, C. (2006). GARY B. NASH. The Forgotten Fifth: African Americans in the Age of Revolution (book review). American Historical Review, 112(2), 502-503.

Pybus, C. (2006). Major Review: Rough Crossings: Britain, the Slaves and the American Revolution. Slavery and Abolition: a journal of slave and post-slave studies, 27(3), 393-395.

Pybus, C. (2006). Washington’s Revolution (Harry, that is not George). Atlantic Studies: literary, cultural and historical perspectives, 3(2), 183-198. [More Information]


Pybus, C. (2005). 'Gilbert Robertson' in Companion to Tasmanian History. Australia: Tasmanian Historical Studies.

Pybus, C. (2005). Jefferson's Faulty Math: the question of slave defections in the American Revolution. William and Mary Quarterly, 62(2), 243-264.

Pybus, C. (2005). The Many Escapes of John Moseley. Journal of Australian Colonial History, 7, 65-80.


Pybus, C. (2004). From Chesapeake Bay to Botany Bay. In Robert Dessaix (Eds.), Best Australian Essays 2004, (pp. 263-275). Melbourne: Black Inc.


Pybus, C. (2003). From Black Caesar to Mudrooroo: The African Diaspora in Australia. In Annalisa Oboe (Eds.), Mongrel Signatures: Reflections on the Work of Mudrooroo, (pp. 25-42). United States: Rodopi.

Pybus, C. (2003). Robinson and Robertson. In Robert Manne (Eds.), Whitewash: On Keith Windschuttle's Fabrication of Aboriginal History, (pp. 259-276). Melbourne: Black Inc.

Pybus, C. (2003). The Woman Who Walked to Russia - New York 2003. United States of America: Four Walls Eight Windows.


Pybus, C. (2002). The Woman Who Walked to Russia, (pp. 1 - 256). Toronto, Canada: Thomas Allen.

Pybus, C. (2002). "His Country's Marks" African soldiers from the Caribbean regiments transported to the Australian penal colonies'. Australian Cultural History, 21, 33-39.

Pybus, C., Maxwell-Stewart, H. (2002). American Citizens, British Slaves: Yankee Political Prisioners in an Australian Penal Colony, 1839-1850. United States: Melbourne University Press.

Pybus, C. (2002). Black Caesar. Arena Journal, 57.

Pybus, C. (2002). Ned Kelly’s Black Antecedents. Moving Worlds: a journal for transcultural writings, 2(1), 118-132.

Pybus, C. (2002). Patriot Exiles in Van Diemen's Land. In Barry Wright and Murray Greenwood (Eds.), Canadian State Trials, (pp. 188-206). Canada: University of Toronto Press.

Pybus, C. (2002). Shades of Black. The Age.

Pybus, C. (2002). The Black Swan of Trespass: James McAuley and the Ern Malley Hoax. Brick: a literary journal, 70, 140-149.

Pybus, C. (2002). The Legacy of the Cold War in Australia. In Adi Wimmer (Eds.), Vergangenheit und Zukunft in Australien: Australia's Legacy of the Past, (pp. 69-82). Tuebingen: Stauffenburg Verlag.

Pybus, C. (2002). Trouble in Paradise. The Age.


Pybus, C. (2001). Raven road, (pp. 1 - 229). Brisbane, Australia: University of Queensland Press.

Pybus, C. (2001). African Settlers in Colonial Australia and the Implications for Aboriginality. London: Menzies Centre for Australian Studies.

Pybus, C. (2001). American citizens …but British slaves: Yankee Political Prisoners in Van Diemen’s Land. Journal of Australian Studies, 16(1), 105-125.

Pybus, C. (2001). Novel History: the Canadian Political Prisoners in VDL. Australian Canadian Studies, 18(1), 201-212.

Pybus, C. (2001). Sing Memory. In Marion Halligan (Eds.), Storykeepers. Australia: Duffy and Snellgrove.

Pybus, C. (2001). The D- Yankee Quill Driver. In Lucy Frost and Hamish Maxwell-Stewart (Eds.), Chain Letters: Narrating Convict Lives. Australia: Melbourne University Press.

Pybus, C. (2001). The Devil and James McAuley. Australia: University of Queensland Press.

Pybus, C. (2001). The Vision Quest. Meanjin, 60(3), 15-33

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