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Publications for Beverley Henry

Publications for Beverley Henry


Henry, B., Butler, D., Wiedemann, S. (2015). A life cycle assessment approach to quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from land-use change for beef production in eastern Australia. Rangeland Journal, 37(3), 273-283. [More Information]

Henry, B., Butler, D., Wiedemann, S. (2015). Quantifying carbon sequestration on sheep grazing land in Australia for life cycle assessment studies. Rangeland Journal, 37(4), 379-388. [More Information]


Henry, B., Butler, D., Specht, A., Phelps, C. (2014). Carbon sequestration in on-farm tree plantings for LCA studies. New Zealand Life Cycle Assessment Conference 2014, Wellington, New Zealand: LCANZ.

Ledgard, S., Henry, B., Gac, A., Benoit, M., Devendra, C., Lloyd, C., Zerfas, H., Dolle, J., Teillard, F., Opio, C., et al (2014). Development of Guidelines for Determining Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Small Ruminant Supply Chains using LCA: A LEAP Initiative by FAO. New Zealand Life Cycle Assessment Conference 2014, Wellington, New Zealand: LCANZ.

Gonzalez, L., Charmley, E., Henry, B. (2014). Modelling methane emissions from remotely collected liveweight data and faecal near-infrared spectroscopy in beef cattle. Animal Production Science, 54(11-12), 1980-1987. [More Information]


Bradshaw, C., Bowman, D., Bond, N., Murphy, B., Moore, A., Fordham, D., Thackway, R., Lawes, M., Henry, B., et al (2013). Brave new green world – Consequences of a carbon economy for the conservation of Australian biodiversity. Biological Conservation, 161, 71-90. [More Information]

Henry, B., Conant, R., Carter, J., Droulez, V., Grace, P. (2013). Increasing Food Production Sustainably in a Changing Climate: Understanding the Pressures and Potential. In Q Farmar-Bowers, V Higgins and J Millar (Eds.), Food Security in Australia : Challenges and Prospects for the Future, (pp. 187-204). New York: Springer.

Lauder, A., Enting, I., Carter, J., Clisby, N., Cowie, A., Henry, B., Raupach, M. (2013). Offsetting methane emissions - An alternative to emission equivalence metrics. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 12, 419-429. [More Information]


Henry, B., Charmley, E., Eckard, R., Gaughan, J., Hegarty, R. (2012). Livestock production in a changing climate: Adaptation and mitigation research in Australia. Crop and Pasture Science, 63(3), 191-202. [More Information]


Carter, J., Bruget, D., Henry, B., Hassett, R., Stone, G., Day, K., Flood, N., McKeon, G. (2010). Modeling vegetation, carbon and nutrient dynamics in the Savanna Woodlands of Australia with the AussieGRASS Model. In M Hill and N Hanan (Eds.), Ecosystem Function in Savannas : Measurement and Modeling at Landscape to Global Scales, (pp. 403-424). Boca Raton: Taylor & Francis Group.


Henry, B., Eckard, R. (2009). Greenhouse gas emissions in livestock production systems. Tropical Grasslands, 43, 232-238.


McKeon, G., Hall, W., Henry, B., Stone, G., Watson, I. (2004). Pasture Degradation and Recovery in Australias Rangelands: Learning from History. Brisbane: NRSc Publishing

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