Psychology, psychical phenomena

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Psychical Phenomena, Occultism cont.

Robert Henry

Psychical research, past and present ; the eleventh Frederic W.
H. Myers memorial lecture, 1952, by Robert H. Thoules [sic.].
London, Society for Psychical Research, I/-. Sep 1952. 23p.
21ic»J. Stl. ' (B52-12327)

133.09 History

chris i ian, Paul, pseud, [i.e. Christian Pitois]

The history and practice of magic ; newly translated from the
French by James Kirkup and Julian Shaw, with additional
material by modern authorities ; edited and revised by Ross
Nichols. London, Forge P.. 105 /-. Dec 1951. 2v. illus.. tables,
diaftrs. 2S\cm. (B52-8136)

Supplemental y articles by Mir Bashir. Margciy Lawrence and Julian Shaw ; emen­dations and notes by Charles R. Cammell, Lewis Spcncc, Gerald Yorkc and Edward Whybrow. , Paucd continuously. Vol 1. x\x.324p Vol.2. 131.325-621? Originally published as Hi noire de la magie. Pans. 1870. Subsidiary subject : 291.62 — Comparative rclieion. Magic


thursion, Herbert [Henry Chailes]

The physical phenomena of mysticism.

See 231.73- Christian doctrine. Miracles

133.1 apparitions

133.12 H \UNTINGS O'DONNELL, Elliott

London, Rider, 15/-.

1951 [i.e. Jan (B52-446)

Ghosts with a purpose 1952]. 196/7. 22cm.


133.40973United States

133.409744Mauachusett v

133.409744[1]- -Salem witch trial*

starkey, Mai ion Lena

The devil in Massachusetts: a modern enquiry into the Salem
witch trials. London, Hale, 18/-. Feb [1952] 269/>. front.,
plutes(iml.ports., facsims.), bibliog. 22cm. (B52-2587)

133.42[1] possession. France. Vienne. Loiulnn

huxley, Aldous [Leonard]

The devils of Loudun. London, Chatto & Windus, IS/-. Oct
1952. [7],376/?. front., 5illus.(incl.ports.). 2/aru/m., bibliog.
21cm. (B52-12732)

An account of an outbreak of mass 'possession* among I'rsulmc nuns at Loudun. 1632,1638.



Anglo-Saxon magic and medicine ; illustrated specially from the
semi-pagan text * Lacnunga' by J. H. G. Grattan and Charles,
Singer. London, published for the Wellcome Historical Medical
Museum by Oxford U.P., 28/-. Aug 1952. xii,234/>. front.,
illus., 6plates(facsims.), diagrs., bibliog. 22icm. (Welkome
Historical Medical Museum publications, new series, edited by
Dr. E. Athworth Underwood- -no.l)

Ctnitent* lj'it 1. A Rcm.ral suivcy ol practice in Anglo-Saxon Em 1.1 mi bv Charles IJ 1 Smpcr .vsistcd by J H G Gratlan — Part 2: F^-:nunaa: an Anj'io s.i\'>ri m.iKico medical commonplace hook , edited by J H G. Grattan assisted hv Charles |J I Singtr Pntillcl Anglo-Saxon and English icxw. Subsidinry subject: 615.32—Vegetable dru«s


133.324[1]— CARDS. TAROT

lind, Frank

How to understand the tarot. London, Bazaar, Exchange &
Mart, 5/-. Jun 1952. 96p. facsims.. dia^rs.. bibliog. 17cm.
(" Prediction " guide books seriesno.3) (B52-9464)


bh//ant, Reginald, and pridiiam, Reginald Poole

The promise of Ezekiel's city, by Reginald Bczzant and Reginald
Poole Pridham (" Ibczra & Ridd"). London, Simpkin Marshall,
10/6. May 1952. 126p. front., illus., plans, tables, diagrs.
19cm. (B52-7756)

1 3 }.335[1]—NUMEROLOGY

lligii, James, pseud, [i.e. James Cumberbirch]

How to apply numerology. 2nd ed. London, Bazaar, Exchange & Mart, 5/-. Sep [1952]. 128p. front., plates(mcl.ports ), tables. 17cm. Pb. ("Prediction ' guide books seriesno.l)


Picvious cd. Wl (B51-3895)

warne. Harry Charles Stephen

Everyman's numerology: your character and destiny from numbers ; with a preface by Brigadier R. C. Firebracc. [82 Copse Hill, London, S.W.20, Warne], 3/-. Nov 1951. 94p. 18cm. At/.



broomfield, Gerald Webb, editor

Witchcraft, by J. T. Munday, E. M. Voules, G. W. Broomfield.
London, Central Africa House P., 2/6. Dec 1951. ix,640.
18icm. Sd. (B52-5)

huc.hes, Pennethorne

Witchcraft. London, Longmans, Green, 21/-. Jun 1952.
viii,220p. Splatesdlillus.). bibliog. 22\cm. (B52-7757)

ik ual ali shah, Sirdar

Occultism: its theory and practice. London, Rider, 28/-. Fcb 1952. 231 p. illus., facsims., tables, diagrs. 24cm. (B52-2034)



Cor hman, Muzza, compiler

Voice of the heavens: lore & legend of astrology. Douglas, Isle
ol Man, Folklore Academy, 3/6. [dOct 1952]. 15p. illus. 33{cm.
Sd. (In quest of the occult series) (B52-12733)

de Worn , Louis, [Le. Ludwig von Wohl]

The stars of war and peace. London, Rider, 20/-. Aug 1952.
212p. diagrs. 23icm. (B52-11113)

fur/k-morrish, Leslie

Outline of astro-psychology

See 150 Psychology.

theodossiou, Katina

Your 1952 stars. (7th annual ed.). 22 Leonard St., London,
E.C.2, Astrological Bulletin, 7/6. Dec [1951]. 180p. tables.
2\\crn. Sd. (B52-14960)

wem^ss, Maurice

The wheel of life, or. Scientific astrology. Vol.5. 22 Young St.,

Edinburgh. International -Publishing Co., 8/- Sep [1952]

vin,130/>. hiblmg. \9crn. (B5M1918)

133 5058--Yearbooks

r\i»h\fl's almanac, or. The prophetic messenger and weather guide
for 1953, with which is incorporated Orion's &Zadkiel's almanacs.
Predictions of the events and the weather that will occur in each
month, numerous useful tables, world celebrities and astrology,
by Raphael. London, Foulsham, 2/-. Aug [1952]. 141/;.
front.. illus.(ports.\ tables. 18cm. Sd. (B52-11919)

Also available bound with Raphael's Astronomical ephcnurn 5 -

133.52zodiac:\l signs

sucher, Willi Otto

Isis Sophia: an outline of a new star wisdom. Parts 3 [and] 4 Alhrighton Hall, Broad Oak, Shrewsbury (Salop.). Sucher, 4/(> c-ich. 1952. 2v. i//m.v., tables, diaxrs. 2b$cm. Sd (B52-3629) Typewriter script.

133.53—PLANE IS

133.530834- -Ephcmerides

raphael's astronomical cphemeris of the planets* places foi 1953..

London, Foulsham, 3/6. Aug [1952]. 48/J. tables. IS^cm. Sd.


Also available bound with Raphael'i Almanac 5/-.

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