Psychological aspects of human sexuality

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Course Objectives. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Be aware of the variety of beliefs people hold about sexual issues and how these beliefs affect people‚Äôs behaviors and their reactions to the behaviors of others.

  • Critically evaluate reported research findings relating to human sexual behavior & attitudes.

  • Realize that any conclusions of sexuality research depend upon knowledge of the underlying methodology and sample.

  • Write a research proposal and the results of this research project after data are collected and analyzed in professional APA style.


  • Completion of the General Writing requirement.

  • Understanding of APA style writing (Completion of Research Methods in Psychology).

  • Understanding of basic statistics (generally through completing at least one course in Statistics).

  • Completion of at least four previous courses in Psychology before taking this course.

  • This upper level psychology course fulfills Psychology elective requirements. It is also one of the courses meeting requirements for a Certificate in Women's Studies.
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