Psychological aspects of human sexuality

General Information about Papers

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General Information about Papers

  1. All factual statements should be referenced with the citation of the source of the information. Unreferenced statements are assumed to be personal opinion and generally do not belong in a research paper. APA citation format should be used [this involves the author's name and the date of the reference in the text of the paper and the full citation in the Reference section at the end of the paper]. In addition, please add page numbers for any citations to the textbook and dates for lecture citations.

  1. Avoid plagurism! Avoid using more than 10 consecutive words in taking material from the textbook or the empirical article. Rewrite in your own words.

  1. Grading Criteria:

  • **Discussion of relevant course material from the textbook and lecture. This is an essential requirement of the paper. It is a major aspect of the grade.

  • Organization and use of APA style.

  • Overall clarity of writing.

  • Adequate rationale offered for the hypothesis.

  • **Use of formal citations for all facts used in the papers. Make sure material from the textbook [with the appropriate pages noted] and lecture is cited and included.


**Most important for determining grade.

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