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Psychoanalysis Answers – HJPV


Just Some Notes

If you’re going to go for arguments about why psychoanalysis is ridiculous, which I suggest you do, make sure the evidence applies. Most of the psychoanalysis critiques that were released have nothing to do with Lacan, except the best “psychoanalysis false” cards are from Robinson and he exclusively criticizes Lacan and some Zizek. So just read the cards and make sure they’re responsive to the critique you have to answer.

Psychoanalysis might seem a bit hard to understand, but if you actually read the cards I think you’ll find some versions of the critique are easier to grasp. For example, the Naturalism K and the Techno-Control K pretty much just say “tech bad, managerialism bad”. The Horrorism K and the Individualism K are more difficult to understand, but if you spend a few minutes just reading all of the 1NC cards, you will understand the argument. My point is, if you don’t know what “constitutive Lack” is, don’t worry.

Download 84.16 Kb.

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