Provincial Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operation Task Force of Pampanga official report

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PNP chief Albayalde implicated in the Pampanga drug recycling controversy.
Provincial Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operation Task Force of Pampanga official report shows a total of 38 kilos of shabu was confiscated in a raid on Woodbridge Subdivision,
Lakeshore View, Pampanga on November 29, 2013. But a subsequent investigation showed that 200 kilograms of shabu were seized.
The incident revolves around P/Gen. Oscar Albayalde, current Philippine National Police
(PNP) chief, was the director of the Pampanga police district in 2013.
In 2013, Albayalde's subordinates were involved in a drug raid in Mexico, Pampanga where they recycled so many illegal drugs they confiscated.
Former chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detention Group, Benjamin Magalong,
testified in the Senate on what he knew about the incident in Pampanga.
Magalong’s testimony touched on ninja cops, policemen who recycle confiscated drugs.
According to Magalong, after the Pampanga incident, the policemen involved in the operation had an expensive vehicle.
During the Senate hearing, Magalong revealed the 'ninja cops' names: SUPT. Rodney
Raymundo Baloyo IV., Insp. Joven de Guzman Jr., SPO 1 Jules Maniago, SPO 1 Donald
Roque, SPO 1 Ronald Santos, SPO 1 Rommel Vital, SPO 1 Alcindor Tinio, SPO 1 Eligio
Valeroso, PO 3 Dindo Dizon, PO 3 Gilbert De Vera, PO 3 Romeo Guerrero Jr., PO 3 Dante
Dizon, and PO 2 Anthony Lacsamana.
Criminal charge and a dismissal order was filed against the police involved.
PDEA Chief Aaron Aquino accuses Albayalde of requesting a favor not to implement the dismissal order against the policemen.
Albayalde defended, saying he only asked Aquino the status of the case because the relatives of the policemen involved were asking.
Magalong's investigation also found that the price of the confiscated shabu was P5,500 to
P6,000 per gram, a total of P648 million in 2013.
The suspect in the raid, Johnson Lee, was discovered by investigators to have paid P50
million for his release. The police still can't locate him today.
Because of the Senate inquiry, they are now in floating status, Aquino said that he is now receiving death threats after his revelation against Albayalde.

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