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Upper Division Capstone Course

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Upper Division Capstone Course

Ethnic Studies 199: Senior Thesis: The course entails independent study, research and/or creative work in the area of ethnic studies. Though students are encouraged to employ a multidisciplinary approach, they need to choose a sponsor from among the faculty members on the Ethnic Studies Committee. (To be taken only after the completion ES 001 and two other upper division electives in the minor.)

Three Multi-Disciplinary Upper Division Electives (one from each area) Ethnic Groups and Identity

One of the three multidisciplinary divisions is Ethnic Groups & Identity. This area includes courses that address the role ethnicity plays in one’s individual, social, and political experiences and identity. The courses listed below are representative of courses that address some of the above particularities.
Anthropology 123: Ethnic Groups in the United States Sociology 116: New Immigrants and Refugees Communication 104: Intercultural Communication

History 136: Immigration and Ethnic Relations in American History Politics 110: Minority Politics

Psychology 165: Cross-Cultural Psychology

Directory: sites -> default -> files -> attachments -> files
files -> Smc core Curriculum Course Proposal Fall 2013
files -> Español 140: Survey of Latin American Literature
files -> Application for Engaging the World, American Diversity Course Designation
files -> Application for Pathways to Knowledge, Social, Cultural and historical Understanding Designation
files -> History 110 Warfare in the Middle Ages Brother Charles
files -> Psychology 008 African American Psychology Spring Semester 2012 Instructor: Morenike Oshi-Ojuri, Psyd office: Phone
files -> Hist 163: Ethnic Identity and Conflict in China
files -> Smc core Curriculum Course Proposal Form
files -> History 132 The American Revolution and the Early Republic
files -> Core Curriculum Designation Proposal Theological Understanding: Theological Explorations

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