Proposed Changes to the es minor Program February

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The Ethnic Studies Program

Proposed Changes to the ES Minor Program February 2016

We are asking that the UEPC approve changes to the Ethnic Studies Minor for the following reasons.

  • The original minor program required students to take Seminar 144. However, although this course is offered regularly, it often does not have the necessary enrollments and is prone to being canceled, in which case our Ethnic Studies minors are forced to petition other courses to complete this program requirement.

  • The Ethnic Studies Program has plans to transition into a major program and we find it necessary to align our minor with the course requirements of the proposed major.

  • We believe making these changes will align the Ethnic Studies minor with other minors offered across the disciplines at Saint Mary’s College. Thus, it will become more attractive and competitive.

Directory: sites -> default -> files -> attachments -> files
files -> Smc core Curriculum Course Proposal Fall 2013
files -> Español 140: Survey of Latin American Literature
files -> Application for Engaging the World, American Diversity Course Designation
files -> Application for Pathways to Knowledge, Social, Cultural and historical Understanding Designation
files -> History 110 Warfare in the Middle Ages Brother Charles
files -> Psychology 008 African American Psychology Spring Semester 2012 Instructor: Morenike Oshi-Ojuri, Psyd office: Phone
files -> Hist 163: Ethnic Identity and Conflict in China
files -> Smc core Curriculum Course Proposal Form
files -> History 132 The American Revolution and the Early Republic
files -> Core Curriculum Designation Proposal Theological Understanding: Theological Explorations

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