Proposal of a marketing strategy

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7.7 Marketing Processes

There is no marketing departement in the company and all marketing activity is spread over half of the employees. There are three business representants and a business assistant getting in touch with customers, except for these also business director takes care of his former clients. The logistician ensures the first contact with customers calling or coming to showroom and assistant manager´s competency and duty is to prepare marketing promotion activities like information brochures, meetings with customers, sending wishcards for Christmas and keeping agenda concerning marketing.
Processes that could ensure the consistency of marketing activities have not been set up yet. Information on important customers and on business success of individual business representatives is in fact well preserved with them, but does not allow others to share it unless the representatives really want to.
Information on customers who are not searched for but call from themselves is not recorded except for the invoices which have been issued for them. There is no chance to learn better their needs and/or prepare an interesting offer tailored for them.
Last process which should surely be defined is keeping records on already done activities with clients (meetings and trips) in order not only to avoid possible misunderstandings from both sides but also to reduce cost not bringing any profit (doubling or tripling of invitations without a plan both of order being brought by the invitee and of his/her reaction.

7.8 Conclusion

In this chapter we have confirmed partial hypothesis number 2 „Marketing analysis will help company set up criteria important for decison on look of the new strategy and on expected economical results“.
The most important for us in this view is the decision to take into account rather negative forecast for future, so to be conservative (chapter 7.1.2) also in the view of financial situation of the company (chapter 7.5) and to profit as much as the company can on population growth (chapter 7.1.3). In the marketing strategy proposal we will go out of strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as stated in chapter 7.3. Therefore we will concentrate only on one product group – pensile facades (results from chapter 7.2.3 , 7.2.4, and further from 7.6.1) sold to B2B customers. All factors in the marketing analysis also show that marketing plan creation is very neccessary (see chapter 7.6.4) and that it would not make sense to try to increase market share (chapters 7.6 and 7.2).
All calculations which have been done will later on result in suggesting new marketing strategy with the aim to improve overall situation of the company, mainly in term of higher profitability through cut in cost, increase in sales and opportunity loss.


8.1 Segmentation

In this chapter we will choose from all above researched information and set the basic image of a market and customer which we are going to serve. First we have to design what are the key characteristics of a segment we are going to serve.

TAB. 40 Key Characteristics of Chosen Customer Segment




Characteristics of customer




Construction industry, Services like architectonical and planning studios, Investors

Czech Republic

For construction industry medium and big companies, for planning studios does not matter

Need and/or want pensile facades

Required financial stability with profitable history

Purchase/ Use


Importance of the purchase

Purchasing frequence
Purchasing procedure
Selection criteria

Distributional channel

Direct use or arrangement for third parties

Either a well known customer with high return in orders or order more than 2000 m2 or partial order smaller with expectation of total of 2000 m2 and more

At least once a two years, depends on amount of m2 in the order

Selection procedure, direct addresing, generally not longer than 1 year

High added value, good services, experience

Direct sales

User´s preferences of product characteristics

Effectivity requirements
Suppliers Assistance
Brand advantage

Service requirements

Highly demanding customer able to use best quality for a good price

Assistance required during planning but also after assembly

Well known company, experience, history

Certificates on materials, supporting construction and assembly procedure

Technical drawing, facade dimensional and spacial proposal required, environment analysis and suggestion of best convenient facade material etc.

Resource: own considerations
In TAB. 40 there are characteristics mentioned according to which the company will choose its key customers. They must be segmented according to their characteristics, furthermore according to their intended purchase and preferences. The company, so that it can succeed, has to build a database through the use of CRM software and adjust its activities to the above described segment. Thanks to company´s history we can use information on previous business operations and feed them into CRM database. This database will use not only specification of facts as TAB. 40 shows, but also others like payment history, specific requirements, needs, wishes or personal data of decision makers in the purchasing process.

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