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6.3 Portfolio of the Company

Chapter on portfolio of the company will present the whole business range of Styl 2000. There are three cathegories – business products, realisation products and services. Business products are represented by items to be sold without any additional services while realisation product includes service of setting up components together and offering product in form of a packet mainly to B2B customers. As we will uncover later through analysis we would like to pay more attention to realisation product since it has high potential and creates the biggest competitive advantage. That is also the reason why we are going to target mainly at B2B customers as shown in TAB. 40.

6.3.1 Business products

Styl 2000 has a wide range of products being offered for sale. There are three groups of main business article: supporting costructions, ceramics and mosaics.

Supporting constructions

This group is represented by different anchoring and connecting components, as well as supporting profiles. They are all made of high-grade alloys of aluminium (Al + Mg + Si) which is rust and aggressive environment resistant. For facades there are offered profiles with offset from the footing from 80 to 300 mm with counterbalancing of roughness up to 35 mm using one type of anchor. According to the type of facade they are offered in two variants fixed or sliding hitching. This highly variable system allows construction of arbitrarily sophisticated facade facings including the curvilinear shapes. It can be used for any kind of cladding material (porcelain stoneware, fired ceramic, sheet metal, cement-fibred panels, HPL plates, glass, cement elements etc.) It is a good and sought business item in company´s portfolio. Its supplier EUROFOX is seated in Austria and has been supplying components to Styl 2000 for many years.


This business article was the original product group of company. Its specific group, technically called porcelain stoneware, aspires to have the same qualities as natural granite, natural stone. Thanks to special production procedure the material has excellent technical characteristics for being used both as cladding and floor tiles material. Some of them are non-absorption, uniformity of physically-technical characteristics in any place of homogenous potsherd and high frost-resistance. Products offered in this area come from two main suppliers: Mirage and Imola Ceramica, both comming from Italy. The variety is large, every design group differs from the others through colour shades and patterns, size and coating. In almost every series, standard tiles and special pieces such as steps, plinths etc.
Another type of ceramics sold by Styl 2000 are brick panels, these however cannot be used as floor tiles, they are specially designed for cladding the walls, mainly for pensile facades. These panels are frost-resistant as well, have high bearing capacity and are dimensionally constant. The two suppliers Styl 2000 cooperates with offer both cladding panels and special pieces, such as cornerstones in a wide range of colours with body either fully coloured or coloured only on surface. The goods is delivered from Spain (Faveton) and Germany (Argeton).


The third group of products for direct sale is mosaics. This special group mean rather a complementary article for company. Mosaics is highly decorative wall cladding and floor coating for interiors as well as exteriors. Bisazza, the supplier of this product, aims at middle- to high-income customer segment.

6.3.2 Realisation products

Ventilated facades are the only representants of this product group. Company specialises in pensile ventilated facades where it gained number of experience. This is a combined product consisting of supporting aluminium construction, thermal insulation from mineral wool and facing panel. The advantage of this kind of facade are multiple. These facades guarantee the optimal moistness regime of the peripheral wall and minimize thermal demands of buildings during summer months, further they are permanently resistant to weather so that the lifetime of the facade and the resiliance of the building are in fact the same and the operating costs of a building are lowered. Further advantages offered to architecs are possibly invisible hitching and including arched places of a building into project since this system enables the builders to overarch problematic flatness of footing or create arches. For maintanance mainly the advantage of possibility of replacing only one panel when demaged, not the whole facade, and self-cleaning characteristics are indispensible. Thanks to the dry assembly can the construction can be done all year round.
In order to accomplish sucessfully this product company uses many ways to faciliate itself and its customers the way towards pensile facade. Styl 2000 includes into offers particularly material being delivered to it as business items (see above). Except for mentioned porcelain stoneware and brick panels company is however able to supply its customer with enamelled glass (St.Gobain), metal (Tahokov) or cement-fibred panels (Cetris) and large size HPL plates such as Trespa or Max. Also since pensile ventilated facades lay demands on architects creating buildings proposal plans company has own building planners and technicians working on an offer before being handed in to the customer.

6.3.3 Services

Except for services offered to an investor, architect or main builder, i.e. planning and counting technical dimensions of planned facade, the services of company Styl 2000 include not only help when deciding which tile to choose depending on the type of the purpose or the room to be placed in, but also planing and drawing the layout of tiles and counting the amount the amount oft tiles needed to be bought. For the architects wide range of services is offered:

  • free samples and models in real size

  • technical drawings of facade layout

  • consulations on different qualitative features of offered materials

  • creation of production project documentation and solution of cladding details

  • test boring at original facade and its analysis followed by suggestions

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