Project X: Forty-seven Rotary Engineers

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He purchased it 14 years ago when they lost at Le Mans.

It's like my child. It runs very well even now.


At he age of 78, Yamamoto drives this car so as not to lose the challenging spirit.

In 1996, Mazda became a subsidiary company of Ford. The suspension of the rotary engine was discussed, because the engine is used only for sports cars. Young engineers, however, argued that the rotary engine had a future. The second phoenix project for the recovery of the rotary engine began. They decided to launch a new car with the rotary engine.
There is a monument in the proving around in Hiroshima on which the words of “Endless Challenge” are inscribed.
Kenchi Yamamoto inscribed them to tell of the engineering spirit, "Rotary Spirit,” which means to never give up.

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