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FY 2005 Plans

  • Nuclear Weapon Surety Thrusts:

  • Continue to conduct modeling and testing to respond to weapon storage facility and weapon system safety requirements and criteria.

  • Improve nuclear storage facility fire suppression capabilities based on Fire Hazard Analysis results and new technology.

  • Complete the development and population of the "Nuclear Surety Information Center", a weapon surety database and interface to utilize and archive completed assessments, studies, tools and test programs.

  • Continue to improve the evaluation of enduring stockpile weapons in support of the Air Force and Navy.

  • Continue forensics nuclear activation project with Oak Ridge National Lab.

  • Begin analyses of abnormal environment scenarios for nuclear weapons systems.

  • Continue to conduct the Force-on-Force (F-O-F) test program using the Mighty Guardian (MG) series and based on lessons learned and new technology.

  • Conduct nuclear physical security engineering studies to enhance delay/denial.

  • Conduct exploratory research on physical security equipment and technology designed to enhance the protection of the nuclear stockpile.

  • Stockpile Sustainment Program thrusts:

  • Continue to support annual certification and stockpile stewardship for the continued safety and reliability of the U.S. nuclear stockpile in the absence of underground testing.

  • Evolve and improve the "Nuclear Deterrent Support Program" into a more robust “Nuclear Deterrent and WMD Support Program.”

  • Continue enhanced technical support to the Nuclear Weapons Council (NWC) and Joint Advisory Committee (JAC).

  • Continue developing third edition of the Nuclear Mission Management Plan.

  • Improve the development and presentation of tailored nuclear weapons expertise and sustainment modules through Outreach efforts to the War Colleges, Service Academies and operational units.

  • Continue to support development of the Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Plan and the Requirements & Planning Document.

  • Stockpile Operations thrusts:

  • Field remaining Air Force OCONUS sites in Germany and Turkey.

  • Begin fielding of DIAMONDS at Navy munitions sites.

  • Complete Phase I of Nuclear Management Information System (NUMIS) integration into DIAMONDS.

  • Complete integration of Joint Nuclear Weapons Publication System JNWPS publications into DIAMONDS.

  • Begin planning and implementation of the Decision Support Module for DIAMONDS.

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