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Radiation Hardened Microelectronics

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Radiation Hardened Microelectronics. The Radiation Hardened Microelectronics area responds to DoD space and missile system requirements for radiation-hardened microelectronics and photonics technology to support mission needs. The non-availability of this technology would adversely impact system survivability, performance, weight and cost. This program develops and demonstrates radiation-hard, high performance prototype microelectronics to support the availability of radiation-hardened microelectronics and photonics for DoD missions in both private sector and government organizations. This is achieved by two complementary components: a core program that develops and demonstrates enabling technologies; and an Accelerated Technology Development Program whose objective is to establish the capability to fabricate radiation hardened 0.15-micron Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology at two domestic radiation hardened semiconductor suppliers, British Aerospace Engineering (BAE) SYSTEMS and Honeywell Defense Space and Electronics Systems (DSES).

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