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Name (Last, First)


Date Aboard

Date Disembark




G. Administrative

1. Points of Contacts: Chief Scientist/alternate, Project Operation Leads, Ops Officer/alternate, agent if needed/selected (name, address, phone number, and email for all)

2. Diplomatic Clearances

None Required.


This project involves Marine Scientific Research in waters under the jurisdiction of _____. Diplomatic clearance has been requested.

3. Licenses and Permits

None Required.


This project will be conducted under the Scientific Research Permit (U.S.) AND/OR Marine Mammal License (U.S.) AND/OR Foreign Fishing Vessel License (Canada) AND/OR Species at Risk Act permit (Canada) issued by ___________ (U.S. AND/OR foreign agency) on ______ (date) to __________ State the name of the license holder--often but not always the Chief Scientist. There could be multiple permits/licenses. The Chief Scientist is responsible for obtaining and listing all permits as well as any identification numbers they contain.

II. Operations

The Chief Scientist is responsible for ensuring the scientific staff are trained in planned operations and are knowledgeable of project objectives and priorities. The Commanding Officer is responsible for ensuring all operations conform to the ship’s accepted practices and procedures.

A. Project Itinerary:

B. Staging and Destaging:

C. Operations to be Conducted:

(Detailed breakdown of each type of proposed operation, i.e. in-situ, station, observing…)

D. Dive Plan

All dives are to be conducted in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the NOAA Diving Program ( and require the approval of the ship’s Commanding Officer. (This statement must remain in all project instructions)

Dives are not planned for this project. OR
The Dive Plans encompassing all legs of ##-##-## are presented in Appendix #.

E. Applicable Restrictions

Conditions which preclude normal operations: (List restrictions such as poor weather conditions, equipment failure, safety concerns, unforeseen circumstances, as well as mitigation strategies that might be used).

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