Project Instructions Template

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Project Instructions Template

*** Please do not include this page with your formally submitted Project Instructions ***

All field projects aboard a NOAA ship are described by formal Project Instructions which detail a project’s requirements, responsibilities of the parties involved, and various operational and administrative details. Once signed by officials in OMAO/Marine Operations and the requesting program, the Project Instructions serve as an agreement between these entities. Certain additional forms and procedures are also a necessary part of project preparation and execution. The Chief Scientist retains primary responsibility for preparing and submitting the Project Instructions and related material. Execution of the project as described is the joint responsibility of the Chief Scientist and Commanding Officer of the ship.

This template is intended to guide the Chief Scientist in preparing a Project Instruction. Please send your Draft Project Instructions in Microsoft Word so that ships’ staff and MOC operations personnel can make edits and comments directly (with “track changes” on). All sections are required to be included in the Project Instructions. If a section does not apply, insert a “N/A” beside it. Please number each section and subsection (i.e. I., II., II.A., II.A.1.).

Unless otherwise noted: Forms, policies, and regulations referenced in this template can be retrieved from


  • Black text items to be included in the Project Instructions.

  • Non-underlined blue text denotes notes to the preparer that should not be included in the final version with the exception of website and email addresses.

  • Where a blue “OR” is stipulated, only one set of the applicable black text is to be included.

  • If a blue “AND/OR” is stipulated, include all of the black text options that apply.

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