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Explain the types of economic systems

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Explain the types of economic systems

  • Discuss the measure of consumer spending as an economic indicator

  • Describe the economic impact of inflation on business

  • Explain the concept of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

  • Discuss the impact of a nation's unemployment rates

    Key Deliverables

    Binder of News Articles

    Each student locates three recent news articles (written within the past year) about each of his/her team’s assigned countries (six articles total). The student saves these articles to a virtual or actual binder. S/He writes one paragraph about each article (six paragraphs total). Each paragraph summarizes the article and identifies how what is discussed in the article impacts the country’s economy or is impacted by the country’s economy.
    Economic Charts

    Each team develops a series of graphic organizers that show past and present economic data (i.e., consumer spending, inflation, GDP, and unemployment rates) for each of its assigned countries. Each team also creates additional charts to compare the two countries’ economies. (Target audience: local business owner)

    Written Report of Recommendation

    Each team writes a two-page report containing its recommendation regarding which of its countries is the most viable choice for business expansion. In the report, the team explains its reasons for the recommendation and discusses why it doesn’t recommend the other country. (Target audience: local business owner)

    Oral Presentation

    Each team develops and shares a three-to-five minute oral presentation that reflects the contents of its written report. Graphic organizers are used during the presentation, and every student participates. (Target audience: local business owner)

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    Download 470.72 Kb.

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