Project Description

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Driving Question

  • What growing economy is most promising for expanded business operations?


  • 3 weeks

Entry Event

Arrange for a successful local business owner (or senior executive) to participate in this project's entry event. To kick off the project, this business owner should introduce himself/herself and talk to the class about his/her business: its products, history, production methods, etc. Then, the business owner should explain to students that s/he would like to expand operations to another country sometime in the next five years and needs the class’s assistance in identifying some viable options. The business owner should explain that s/he is looking for a country with a growing economy (although it doesn’t necessarily have to be a “big” economy). S/He should also explain that s/he wants students to look at past, present, and future predictions of consumer spending, inflation, Gross Domestic Product, and unemployment rates in several different nations to find at least one country that looks like a promising location for his/her new business facilities. Finally, the business owner should tell students that s/he will be back in the classroom at the end of the project to hear the students’ recommendations.

Download 470.72 Kb.

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